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US Space Force Employs Xage Security to Develop Data Protection

US Space Force Employs Xage Security to Develop Data Protection Blockchain, Blockchain PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.
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The US Space Force has recently employed Xage Security to develop the data protection strategy. This will be done along with the United States Air Force Research Lab. Duncan Greatwood, chief executive of Xage, has said that the major question while working with the US space force is that “how do you make lots of different satellites work together successfully and securely at the same time?”

Xage’s Security Fabric Will be Integrated With US Space Force

With this announcement, it is revealed that the security fabric by Xage will be used in this integration with the US Space Force. This will help look after the challenges which come while securely connecting the civilian and military satellites with the ground stations. 

Not only this, Xage has also worked with the oil and gas companies to develop blockchain-based security solutions. The firm has built up a complete infrastructure that helped the oil companies operate independently along with being a part of the group. Now with the US Space Force, the ultimate target of Xage will be to bring a higher level of protection to the space. It is specified that there are going to be certain challenges that the firm will have to face. This is because the satellites are not situated at one place as they keep moving in and out of view of all the ground stations. 

Involvement With Blockchain Firm Not a First

It is revealed that this integration of the US Space Force with Xage is coming as a result of a $743,000 phase-two SBIR contract. This contract was with AFWERX, which is a US Air Force branch and Xage began working with AFWERX back in the previous year only. This has to be noted that this is not the first time that the US government is getting involved with a blockchain firm for cyber security as there have been several integrations with blockchain firms earlier as well.

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