Web3 and online entertainment – how is it going to change?

Web3 and online entertainment - how is it going to change? Blockchain PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

There is a lot of fuss in the technology industry thanks to many new innovations. The metaverse, augmented and virtual reality, and Web3 are just a few of the things that will change our everyday lives and, of course, our perception of digital and technology.

Web3 is a new version of the current Internet network that has been in use for decades. It’s a network of shared source files based on blockchain technology that will revolutionize everything. It enables you to enjoy an increasingly virtual and secure web where big companies like Google don’t decide to share your information.

One of the interesting topics in the Web3 network is entertainment and how it will change from the current one. The internet is a versatile entertainment center in every way, with games, videos, movies and much more. In the following article, we will address the issue from an entertainment perspective.

The iGaming industry will benefit the most

The igaming industry, worth tens of billions of euros, is undoubtedly among the first in the Web3 environment. Even today, it covers numerous different sub-branches, and Finns also have a wide range of offers. It’s nice to choose from the BEST Finnish online casinos online just by doing a quick search.

Today, gambling online also covers poker and betting, especially esports betting. However, they are limited to operating on regional licenses and platforms because gambling is regulated differently in different countries and markets. However, it has not prevented blockchain technology from creeping in.

Players can use numerous cryptocurrencies to gamble today, and the number of sites that accept them is constantly growing. In addition, the versatile esports sites are a great destination for leveraging blockchain technology, as those interested in the sport themselves are technically savvy and want to take advantage of the latest innovations. Some blockchain companies have taken on the task of sponsoring well-known esports tournaments.

Hollywood also has Web3 in its binoculars

In addition to gaming, some sort of transfer is also expected from Hollywood film production. It’s an entertainment industry watched by billions of people that will have more and more blockchain technology in the future.

The entertainment industry in particular is interested in NFT, or non-fungible tokens. It is a completely unique digital object or thing that can be bought or sold online. In this case, the owner has full rights to, for example, the digital image, film or text they own and can present it to others openly.

At the same time, NFT has become a digital investment target in which people are willing to invest even large sums of money. In this way, the film and entertainment industry would be able to sell numerous branded products, such as a digital version of Thor’s hammer or Forrest Gump’s chocolate box.

Web3 will be the kingdom of content producers

Before that, content producers were almost at the mercy of Youtube or Instagram. The videos and pictures they produced could be copied as he wanted and could not be influenced in any way. At the same time, social media giants have received constant criticism for how the platforms have only been filled with disinformation. Web3 could change this.

People want to stay safe and enjoy just the content they want. This would allow content producers to sell their digital content to their loyal fans through a variety of platforms that give them control over their own revenue. At the same time, it should address the dangers of all kinds of counterfeiting and copying.

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