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The future of Web3 cannabis

One of the greatest hurdles in the Web3 space is creating opportunities without creating violations; we set out to bring ownership of a cannabis company to our holders and we were determined to do it in a way that didn’t bring forth securities violations and ensure longevity and sustainability are our primary focus.

We’ve created Half BAYCD as an opportunity for our pass holders to either license their own BAYC/MAYC/BAKC/Koda or partner with a holder and do a revenue share on the licensing of the IP.

By leveraging the royalty structure we’re able to offer a 50% net profit share agreement to be equally distributed amongst licensees for the brand, essentially 6,969 people become ‘owners’ of a multi-national cannabis brand built around Web3 culture.

The variety of passes

We’ve gamified our passes to offer tiered benefits and fun to be a holder, we have 7 pass tiers, all of which allow licensing to the cannabis brand.

BAYCD Pass: The BAYCD Pass allows you to license an asset, or partner with an asset holder to co-license the asset to the Half BAYCD brand. The BAYCD Pass shares a 30% participation pool.

Stoner Pass: The Stoner Pass carries the same benefits as the BAYCD Pass but also grants 20% off of Half BAYCD products at retail partners and our online store. The Stoner Pass shares the same 30% participation pool as above.

420 Pass: The 420 Pass brings with it the same licensing opportunities and 20% cannabis discounts but also adds a quarterly cannabis care package that will be claimable in participating licensed regions. The 420 Pass shares the same 30% participation pool as above.

Merch Pass: The Merch Pass brings with it the same licensing opportunities and 20% cannabis discounts but also adds a quarterly merch care package that will be redeemable on our e-commerce store with each new drop. The Merch Pass shares the same 30% participation pool as above.

Pack Pass: The Pack Pass brings forth a new licensing opportunity as well as its own unique 10% participation pool that is divided amongst the lucky 420 that hold one. Our Pack Pass guarantees that your asset will be used on packaging/branding.

Club Pass: The Club Pass has a unique advantage in which you have direct involvement in the brand curation and development — this pass doesn’t require licensing to receive a participation share. The Club Passes have their own 10% participation pool shared amongst the 100 lucky holders.

Pheno Pass: The Pheno Pass is for the lucky chosen few, there are only 10 of them to be minted — the Pheno Pass doesn’t have a shared participation pool but rather takes you on a journey. You will be able to pheno hunt and create your own genetics which you then license to us for use.

Above is a graphical breakdown of the rarity tiers and their distributions of the net revenues. The outlier is the pheno pass which enables you to license the curated genetics back to the brand at a split you feel is fair.

Wen product

We’ve been working on our packaging and branding for the last 6 months, packaging design work should be finalized at the end of August and production will take roughly 6 weeks.

Our initial launch cities will be LA, Denver, Vegas, and NYC — we are an ancillary goods company, we’re non-plant touching and that enables us to insulate our holders from the cannabis industry regulations.

We’re excited for the forthcoming announcement that outlines our production partners in each location and the value-add that they bring to the brand.

We also own equity in the patents for sublingual strips with cannabinoids, it’s one of the flagship products that we are excited to bring to market. We handed out thousands of them during NFT NYC and received amazing feedback and debuted the first time that Kodas have been licensed to physical goods.

Wen mint

Our mint is currently live, we have 6969 passes that are minting at .069E — if you’re interested in joining the Half BAYCD family, you can mint at

If you have questions on the project or would like to learn more, we welcome you to join us on Twitter at @halfbaycd and also in discord at

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