What is OliveX (BVI)?

DOSE is an ERC-20 token that serves as a reward for players of flagship fitness games of the OliveX gaming ecosystem.

The metaverse will soon explode into proportions that no one can even imagine today. In fact, it will likely be even more revolutionary than social media and the internet itself. With the anticipated dominance of this new virtual universe, various companies are rushing to establish their footholds in this growing industry, and one of these firms is OliveX. 

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OliveX (BVI) is a company that advocates digital health and fitness by creating games powered by blockchain, augmented reality, and built for the metaverse.

The company created a platform that would allow real-world fitness to seamlessly interact with a digital universe, opening new opportunities for players to experience immersive gameplay and for brands, coaches, and influencers to utilize a new platform. The company has placed its utility token called DOSE, as the centerpiece of its diverse metaverse to make its ecosystem richer and more rewarding for fitness lovers and players. 

What is Dose? 

DOSE is an ERC-20 token that serves as a reward for players of flagship fitness games of the OliveX gaming ecosystem, including Dustland Runners, 22 Pushups, and KARA Smart Fitness

Players can use these tokens to buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs), participate in events and game modes, and unlock items. 

DOSE is a creative name that refers to the acronym of the chemicals that a person releases from his body during intensive workouts, which are Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphin. 

Dustland Runner is the major game that uses the DOSE tokens to encourage players to be more active and establish a large community. 

On the other hand, KARA Smart Fitness and 22 Pushups are the two existing fitness mobile apps under OliveX, backed by the in-game currency ‘DOSE’, which is different from the DOSE ERC-20 token. 

OliveX plans to link these two ‘doses’ together to expand its fitness metaverse further and allow users to have a seamless gaming experience across its ecosystem. 


OliveX has set the total supply of DOSE to 5 billion tokens and utilizes Ethereum’s blockchain platform, which is known for its historic security and reliability. The token is meant to be used as a cross-title utility inside the OliveX ecosystem and is a crucial part of the platform’s rewards model. 

The ecosystem will also utilize the Polygon platform to leverage its low transaction fees and its ability to allow tokens to be bridged back and forth between the Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon. 

DOSE tokens are allocated for gameplay rewards and go through a daily trickle, which decreases over time to prevent maximum token supply from being reached. 

All games in the OliveX fitness metaverse are allocated with pools of tokens every day and divided across all activities that provide rewards to players. 

Supplementary pools of DOSE tokens are reward pools for select game modes such as virtual races, PvP, and the likes. These additional pools have entry fees that players pay in DOSE to join the performance-based events inside the OliveX ecosystem.

DOSE Total Allocation 

Strategic Partnership 

To further push the development and growth of DOSE, a percentage of the token allocation will go to internal business partners, and this chunk will be locked up for six months. It will then undergo a 2-year vesting schedule with six releases every four months. 

Team and Advisors 

A pool of DOSE tokens is reserved for the team and advisors and would serve as a reward to maintain the continuous build-up of immersive gameplay and create a more diverse fitness metaverse. 

This pool will be locked up for one year and will undergo a three-year linear investing schedule after the lock-up period. This measure is to make sure that the reward remains aligned with all stakeholders of the ecosystem. 

Company Reserves 

This pool is allocated for long-term use to fund planned or unannounced projects related to OliveX’s fitness metaverse. 

DOSE Token Utility 

For NFT Sales 

  • DOSE can be used to buy official Dustland Runner NFTs right inside the game or through a secondary market. 
  • NFT can be bought individually or through packs and will come in vehicles, avatars, virtual lands, and cosmetics. 

For Upgrade and Unlocks 

  • Players can also use DOSE tokens to unlock exciting options and utility, including increasing the number of slots in their NFT roundabouts and even upgrading some NFTs past their levelling limit. 

Seasonal Battlepass Subscription 

  • Players may also use DOSE tokens to buy seasonal Battlepass, which would enable them to have time-limited narrative missions, including a tiered reward system to access time-limited NFTs. 

Games That Run on DOSE

Dustland Runner 

Dustland Runner is the first-ever ‘Proof of Workout’ audio game where players receive rewards for their running activities through virtual rewards such as NFTs and DOSE tokens. They may use these digital goodies to upgrade and progress on their game status and earn more rewards in the process. 

This immersive game unveils a new part of its story every time a player unlocks each of its levels, which heightens the excitement of playing the game. 

Apart from having the opportunity to join in the game for free, players are also allowed to trade, sell, lend, and burn their NFTs and Dose tokens. 

22 Pushups 

22 Pushups encourages users to do 22 pushups every day and utilizes a smartphone’s light sensor to accurately count a user’s pushups and provide real-time data on the user’s performance. This app is one of OliveX’s most successful applications and had recognition before as the Apple Store’s ‘App of the Day.’

Doing 22 pushups every day can be very challenging for most people, but OliveX has already recognized this problem and equipped this app with exciting features to encourage users to finish their pushups, including unlocking a new fitness coach voice every time they complete a level. 

KARA Smart Fitness 

KARA Smart Fitness is a virtual fitness application that tracks users’ performance and movements through their smartphone’s camera and the game’s artificial intelligence. 

Aside from receiving real-time feedback on their performance, players can also access virtual offerings, including workouts with local celebrity coaches, interactive fitness classes, virtual yoga, and more.

This application can perform according to each user’s unique needs and goals. App users can choose their preferred workout and duration and choose from three levels of durations and difficulties

Its artificial intelligence can analyze players’ past performance levels, encourage them to consistently reach these levels, and even exceed them to improve their fitness output further. 

KARA’s A. I would also recommend relevant online fitness classes to keep players’ workout routines fresh, exciting, and engaging. 

DOSE Roadmap: A Quick Look 

PHASE 1 Kick-Off Q4 2021 Release of Dustland Runner Litepaper 
Token Generation of DOSE 
Public presale of DOSE 
PHASE 2 Q1 2022 Release of mobile app alpha 
Testing of Proof of Workout Alpha
Sale of Dustland Runner unique avatar 
PHASE 3Q2 2022 Launch of official website and metagame 
Launch of Exclusive Runners Club for avatar holders 
PHASE 4Q3 2022 Release of Battle pass beta 


OliveX and its DOSE token have become one of the most innovative concepts in the growing metaverse industry. By creating a rich virtual universe with a generous rewarding system, they have encouraged thousands of players worldwide to get fit, be healthier, and be a better version of themselves.