What payment method is Zimpler at online casinos?

What payment method is Zimpler at online casinos? Gaming PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

There is a new payment method for online casinos almost every year. In recent years, for example, Bitcoin, Brite and Zimpler have become popular in the online casinos preferred by Finnish players. New payment methods bring benefits to either the player or the casino, or both. For the casino, a new payment method can mean, for example, lower transaction or monthly costs, and for the player, the new method can simply be easier to use than the old methods.

Zimpler no longer works with an invoice

Zimpler is a convenient and safe way to transfer money to the casino. The service is subject to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, so there is nothing to worry about in terms of security. Zimpler initially only offered mobile payments, but in 2020 it changed its strategy. Since then, Zimpler, like Brite and Trustly, has focused exclusively on online bank transfers, see more at The service already has almost half a million users in Europe.

So how can Zimpler make a deposit at a casino these days? It’s easy, when you’re making a deposit, just select Zimpler from the payment options. After that, you can choose your bank from the menu, after which you must log in with your online banking credentials. Since the payment is made by online bank transfer, it must be approved with a mobile certificate or key, just like any other online payment today. After that, your money is transferred to the casino immediately and you can start playing.

Does the player only need online banking credentials?

The use of Zimpler in the online casino therefore requires the possession of online banking credentials. The bank can be any large bank operating in Finland, such as S-Pankki, Handelsbanken, Aktia, Nordea, Säästöpankki or Danske Bank. When joining the casino, the player must also make a first deposit, which must be at least equal to the casino’s minimum deposit amount. Usually, the minimum deposit amount is 10–20 euros. In connection with the first deposit, however, it is often worth depositing more, because you can get a bonus for your deposit. The amount of the bonus normally depends on the size of your deposit – the more you deposit, the more free play money you can get.

Naturally, the player must also be of legal age when depositing at the online casino using Zimpler. Adulthood is a requirement for playing in both online casinos and physical casinos. If the player deposits with Zimpler at so-called instant casinos, where the player does not have to register at all, the player will also automatically verify his own identity. In that respect, the service is therefore no different from, for example, Trustly or Euteller’s service.

In addition to speed, it is also safe

Like Trustly, Zimpler is from our border neighbor Sweden, and it is owned by the Zimpler AB company. The company was originally known as Smart Payments Nordic AB. The Swedish financial supervisory authority, Finansinspektionen, which according to Nordic standards is a very strict regulatory body, therefore supervises Zimpler’s operations as a payment service provider.

Consequently, Zimpler’s operations are closely monitored and must comply with the regulations and parameters set by the authority. For this reason, Zimpler, for example, closely monitors that the deposits made through the service are actually made by the person who has logged into the service. According to many experts, online bank deposits are safer deposits these days. Banks’ mobile certificates have developed so much in recent years that it is very difficult for hackers to benefit from deposits made in this way.

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