Why are cookies important in the digital world?

When browsing the web, you have not been able to avoid numerous requests to accept cookies. It seems to jump against every time you open a new site, but do you know why cookies are collected and why they are so important? Keep reading ahead.

The purpose of cookies in brief
A cookie is simply a small file that a site’s server stores on the device you use. Each time you reopen the site, that file sends your credentials back to the server. This communication plays an important role for both the service provider and the advertisers.
Transactions are smoother thanks to cookies
Cookies collect information about which sites you visit or what your site settings are. In addition, it contains your login information and can also restore your information from a previous visit. An example in this case could be a multinational online casino.

First of all, the cookie remembers that you have selected the Finnish version of the site and will automatically return it the next time you visit. Next, you may have created a casino account and want to continue playing from where you left off. You can do this faster because your browser will restore your login information.

What about the gaming itself? Cookies bring relief to that as well, as it remembers previous games you played. You may have recently played the Wild Return slot game at Casumo Casino and want to continue spinning the rounds. You will immediately see it among the most recently played games and you can continue playing again.
You get targeted advertising
The example above was for a service provider, but the other party is also advertisers who also use cookies in their operations. They can use cookies to find out what kind of products you are looking for and when, so it can easily suggest similar products.

So it’s no coincidence that you suddenly see ads for your google coat or vacation. These are third-party cookies that provide advertisers with information about your online behavior and allow them to target their ads to you.

This saves time as well as effort when you have to search for information about products on numerous sites. You can easily and almost effortlessly get information from all websites that use cookies. Excessive advertising can, of course, be annoying, but you can easily block it with ad-blocking programs.
There are risks involved in using cookies – but little
Many people may be wondering if cookies contain some information from your device or whether cookie files fill your phone’s memory. Neither of these are at risk from cookies, as they are in themselves completely harmless files. They do not contain malware or viruses.

Risks only arise if they are accessed by a hacker. In this case, cookies, especially those containing login information, can fall into the hands of a hacker and thus the risk of abuse is high. This risk can be eliminated by regularly deleting all third-party cookies from your browser and clearing your cache.
Wise use of cookies means smoother browsing
Cookies are a great tool for creating a targeted online experience where you don’t have to log in to the site again or choose the settings you want over and over again. They help make browsing smoother.

Equally, clearing your browsers and cache on a regular basis will help reduce the risks involved, but keep in mind that you’ll also need to sign in again immediately.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence