Aside From ZIL Staking Soon: Zilliqa 2.0 Already in the Works says Amrit Kumar

Blockchain project, Zilliqa is still on track to launch staking on mainnet before the end of Q2, but could at the same time be moving towards the next version of the mainnet if ongoing integrations to improve the network turns out successful.

In a recently concluded AMA session on Wednesday, Colin Miles, the head of marketing for Zilliqa blockchain, reiterated known facts that the current focus of the project is on rolling out staking, teasing a major announcement in the coming days.

Zilliqa 2.0 in the works

During the course of the AMA session, however, Amrit Kumar, Chief Scientific Officer at Zilliqa also disclosed that the team has a version of the mainnet up and running with sharding, the primary technology pioneered by Zilliqa still at the core.

Sharding ensures that nodes and transactions are divided and shared into different groups which are then processed in parallel, thereby, protecting the network from external security threats and at the same time maintaining the decentralized nature of the network.

Aside from reinstating sharding, however, the said new version of Zilliqa will have several optimizations with the goal of increasing throughput numbers, reducing the latency, and adding extra features such as privacy which the project recently reinforced via a partnership with Incognito Chain.

With Zilliqa mainnet version 1.0 only launched back on January 31, 2019, there’s no argument that it could take a little longer for the new mainnet to arrive, even though investors in the project would be happy knowing that plans are already in place to make the big move.

Meanwhile, in another recent report on Zilliqa, Coinfomania reported that the project has partnered with Switcheo to launch the first decentralized exchange on the network.

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