Bitrefill Lets El Salvadorans Pay All Accounts with BITCOIN

Bitrefill is a well-known business among the Bitcoiners allowing them access to over four thousand gift cards by paying through BTC. Earlier this year, they partnered with Salvadoran startup Hugo App to enable Bitcoin exchange for Hugo’s wide range of goods and services.

The ability to pay with bitcoin is on the rise as Bitrefill announced a new service that allows Salvadorans to pay their bills in BTC. 

Bitcoin became proper legal tender in El Salvador starting this year on September 7, persuading all companies to accept BTC as a form of payment. But even with President Nayib Bukele’s tenure, many companies have yet to grasp the technology needed to accept bitcoin for their products and services. Bitrefill’s objective is to help solve this problem by providing a service that allows Salvadorans to pay over 150 different bills in BTC. 

This new service will allow Salvadorans and their families abroad to pay rent, electricity, water, Internet, telephone (mobile and landline), and television using  Bitcoin Lightning network and on-chain transactions. This offers another option for family members living abroad to help their loved ones in El Salvador, allowing them to avoid ridiculous wire transfers and wire fees using Bitcoin. 

The addition, announced at the Adoption of Bitcoin conference in El Salvador, will be launched starting from the following service providers for their bill payment program: 

  • CLESA 
  • CLARO 
  • EEO 
  • ANDA
  • CAESS 
  • SKY 
  • CIELO 

To use this service, you will need an email address to receive your receipt, voucher code, and contact customer service, if necessary.