Blockchain Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Blockchain is most widely recognized as the technology that enables the functioning of cryptocurrencies. But what most people don’t know is that blockchain is used in many different fields for a variety of purposes. A blockchain is essentially a massive database in which information is stored in connected blocks. A single person or entity do not have full control over decentralized blockchains. This technology is much appreciated by experts in many industries for its security and transparency. Blockchain technology has become invaluable in the world, and its use is only going to increase in the coming years.


Identifying misinformation

n today’s world riddled with fake news and misinformation, it is essential to verify anything that pops up. A blockchain-based app can be used to keep track of all the changes that are made to a digital item such as a photograph to provide viewers with information regarding its authenticity.

Blockchain can also be used to distinguish fake news from real ones using massive ledgers that record and track every piece of information that passes through. Blockchains will play an important role not just in the financial sector, but also in social and political fields.

Blockchain use by government agencies

Most governments around the world were extremely distrustful towards cryptocurrencies and were not happy with their spreading popularity. But blockchains are an entirely different matter, and even government agencies have recognized how useful it can be when utilized properly. Many governments around the world have already been including blockchain technology in various functions. While Vietnam has been using blockchain to bring about the country’s digital transformation, countries like South Korea and Thailand are using it for recording and documenting various information. Digitalizing governments can be effectively carried out using blockchain technology with its ability to document and store massive amounts of information with no risks.

Blockchain is also expected to one day help improve the efficiency of the voting process, making it easier and more secure. Such voting can be done online, and due to the extensive documentation of each vote or token, there is minimal chance of fraudulent activities.

Integration in various sectors

Blockchain is becoming quite popular in a variety of industries for different purposes. It is expected to heavily influence and improve supplies and inventory for companies everywhere. Several businesses have already started using blockchain technology to keep track of their shipping and payment towards numerous other companies more efficiently.

Blockchain technology is also expected to enhance the public supply of energy, gas and oil. Large financial institutions have also begun using blockchains in trading and carrying out transactions and payments. Blockchain is also expected to get rid of intermediaries in the financial sector and reduce the cost of the transactions that take place. Experts expect the first group of blockchain-based financial applications to be private, controlled by a central authority for increased regulations. These private blockchains will provide added security and ledgers available for everyone. Slowly they are expected to transform into public blockchain applications that are decentralized.

Saving money as cryptocurrency also helps citizens against sudden devaluations in their national currency. In countries where citizens don’t trust their centralized banks or Government, cryptocurrencies are beneficial.


The increased popularity of crypto gambling

Online casinos and gambling games have been gaining incredible popularity in the last few years. They provide gambling enthusiasts with the ability to play and earn money, especially on the sites like the ones listed in These online casinos let users link their cards or bank accounts to facilitate easy monetary transactions through secure gateways. Many of these online casinos have also permitted the use of cryptocurrencies by their customers while playing gambling games. Since there is very little regulation when it comes to cryptocurrencies in most countries, this is a wonderful opportunity for gamblers to make extra cash.

Reduced risks of market disruption

Systems failure often causes issues with the functioning of an entire market. A single breakdown can lead to a chain reaction taking down all the other systems with it. With the use of blockchain technology, this damage can be limited to that particular system and prevent it from spreading and causing a disruption. Since decentralized blockchains do not require a central authority, and multiple users must verify each transaction, there is minimal chance of complete and extensive failure.

Summing up

Blockchain technology is bringing about positive changes in all spheres of society. While it was always expected to be a priceless asset in the financial industry, various other fields have also been using it for numerous advantages. From increasing accessibility, security, and transparency, to recognizing misinformation, there are various applications of blockchain technology in today’s world. New cryptocurrencies are emerging regularly, and ordinary citizens have also started to understand the benefits that come with storing their money in the form of cryptocurrencies in volatile political and economic atmospheres.