Co-Author of Liechtenstein Blockchain Act Speaks to Government Leaders in Washington

Washington DC, January 27-28, 2022, Government leaders come to Washington to learn from Liechtenstein’s experiences implementing blockchain.

In January of 2020, the Liechtenstein Token and Trusted Technology Service Provider Act (TVTG) (known as The Blockchain Act), became enforced as law. With this new law, Liechtenstein became the first country to have a comprehensive regulation of the token economy.

Dr. Thomas Dünser, Director of the Office for Financial Market Innovation of Liechtenstein, will be providing insights based on his experience in leading The Blockchain Act, at The Future of Money, Governance, & the Law, held at the National Press Club in Washington DC, and streamed globally. Dr. Dünser will discuss Tokenomics and Crypto-Governance, bringing clarity to the emerging Token Economy.

The Token Economy defines a very important development in the digitalization of our economy and society, driven by blockchain technology. Token Economy allows for assets and goods to be represented on a digital transaction system without necessarily relying on a regulated intermediary. Dr. Dünser points out that the Token Economy enables smart contracts to operate, impacting governance beyond the financial services sector.

Government policymakers in attendance will be from Washington, El Salvador, Chile, Brazil, Ireland, Jordan, Kuwait, Estonia, Slovenia, Sweden, Australia, Bermuda, and the UK, as well as global governance organizations such as the World Bank, United Nations, the European Parliament, and the Union of Arab Banks.

Dr. Dünser’s real-world experience in adopting blockchain innovation on a national level will provide a unique opportunity for government legislators to benefit from lessons learned. As this technology continues to land on the forefront of the news, understanding how it has already been implemented will be invaluable for all moving forward.

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