Davos, Switzerland, 31st May 2022

A week of powerful conversations, immersive activities, and headline performances featured The Summit At Lan Space as one of the most prominent events on the promenade, where some of the brightest minds around the globe were brought together during the annual Economic Meeting in Davos.

  • Headline speakers like Deepak Chopra, Sian Proctor, Tessy De Nassau, Nik Gowing, Leonor Diaz Alcantara, and Helena Gualinga took center stage to advocate for audiences to keep collaboration, empathy, and empowerment at the forefront of their leadership in seismic times.
  • Over five days, a platform was designed for innovative thinking with discussions converging on some of the most crucial conversations of our times: deglobalization and new geopolitical balances, disruptive decentralization in the age of Web3.0, solidarity in sustainability, and the future of leadership.

With the rugged snow-capped setting of the Swiss Alps transformed by the picturesque view of the mountain meadows in May, last week the participation of more than 200 impact investors and 1000 delegates at The Lan Space successfully concluded five days of thought-provoking panel discussions and live performances in Davos, Switzerland, during the annual economic meeting.

This year Davos was different not only because of the change of scenic backdrops but more so because of the lack of global cooperation to solve the most pressing issues of our current and future generations. With the turbulent aftermath of Covid-19 and its resulting rise of inequality, coupled with the climate crisis and the geopolitical turmoil following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the agenda-setting conversations that happened at the Lan Space throughout the week of May 20th – 26th focused on moving the needle in crucial areas such as cultural leadership, trust in and safety in the coming Web3.0, and regenerative solutions for the planet.

“The road of social injustice and mental distress is what leads to extinction. The other road, currently less traveled, is that of conscious choice-making in communities which could lead to a more peaceful, sustainable, and healthier world. As we explore consciousness, I hope that is the road that we’ll take, but it requires diligence and continued expansion of conversations like these,” commented Deepak Chopra after his discussion at the Lan Space about the spiritual codes of success.

Influential minds, globally renowned experts, and visionary changemakers, such as the Inspiration4 astronaut, Dr. Sian Proctor, UNAids ambassador, Tessy De Nassau, CEO of the Montessori Group, Leonor Diaz Alcantara, Chairman of Constellation Research, R Ray Wang, CEO of Ambika Inc., Aron Dutta, and indigenous rights activist, Helena Gualinga, also took to the stage to share their unique perspectives during interactive panel discussions that left the empowered and inspired.

Top Tier Impact, the global ecosystem of sustainable leaders and official partner of the World Economic Forum also used the Lan Space to host their private Global Impact Awards ceremony celebrating entrepreneurs who are building a new paradigm for the planet.

Guest speaker Tessy De Nassau, UN Aids ambassador and Woman of the Decade, said:

“What I really loved [at the Lan Space] was the conversation around what our leadership is lacking today. We need to start learning about what it means to lead with empathy and what it takes to become that leader.”

Another highlight of the event was a keynote panel with the astronaut Dr. Sian Proctor, pilot of the Inspiration4 mission, Christina Korp, Director of Space For A Better World, Rafal Modrzewski, CEO of ICEYE, and Fatema Hamdani, CEO of Kraus Hamdani Aerospace. “It is critical to talk about how space can advance a more equal and sustainable life here on Earth,” commented Dr. Proctor. “As we push humanity to the Moon, Mars, and beyond, we are also creating the needed innovations to solve some of Earth’s most challenging problems. I was honored to talk about how space will help us meet the UN SDGs at the Lan Space in Davos, we need more of those conversations.”

Closing the summit on the topic of leadership for the future generations to thrive, Leonor Diaz Alcantara, CEO of the Montessori Group summed up that “sustainable change is dependent on quality education now. The social problems the world is facing are problems that need long-term solutions and will require generations to implement and commit to resolving. If we do not prepare future generations now, by teaching them the skills and mindset they will need, any solutions will only be short term.”

The summit saw no shortage of enthralling evening events and artistic performances too. Among the highlights of the week, there were sensorial dinners cooked on the venue’s terrace by celebrity chef for the British Royal household, Khalid Dahbi, breathtaking bubbleology shows by Guinness world-record holder SamSam Bubbleman, and live DJ sets by globally recognized artists like NINJA, Francesco Mami, 3D Punk, Renato Oliveira, and the multi-platinum singer Alex Hepburn.

Lan Tschirky, Founder of Lan to Capital and visionary of the summit said: “We were beyond thrilled to welcome some of the brightest minds of our world to our space this week. I hope our guests left Davos inspired and with a sense of empowerment for what can come next if we keep collaboration as a core value. We look forward to showcasing more of our portfolio such as LAN Health and Havona, further welcoming impactful partners, brands, and start-ups to our venue next year.”

The event’s full agenda and list of guest speakers are downloadable here.

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