Greenheart CBD Announces Quarter 1 Rebranding

Greenheart CBD is welcoming a visual overhaul for their website and products as well as a new system to enable farmers across the globe to enter the CBD market, which was valued at $2.8 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 21.2% from 2021 to 2028.

Greenheart tech

The team at Greenheart has launched a B2B and B2C marketplace on the Google Play and Apple App store. The apps offer a permanent 40% discount on all products when utilizing the Greenheart CBD token. In line with their new developments in blockchain, the company will introduce a new fleet of technology in 2022 ranging from state-of-the-art agricultural AI drones and production facilities that can be dropped anywhere in the world will be implemented into practice.

A scalable business model with a strong start and global ambitions

Armed with knowledge, technology, brand, and global sales channels, Greenheart is able to scale profitability in the CBD market. As a new company at only 2 years old, they have been profitable since their inception and have been recognized by the community with numerous awards and sponsorships.

Six months ago, Greenheart secured $5.3 million in funding to invest in scaling their model on blockchain. Using this funding, the company will initiate operations globally, with plans already set in motion to expand in the UK, USA, Thailand, and South America.

What are the benefits of staking CBD tokens?

With the launch of upcoming staking pools connected to real farms and the company’s sales profits, there will be an opportunity to earn even greater APY from larger markets.

Every quarter, 10% of all profits in fiat will be used to buy back the CBD token, rebasing the staking pool. In addition to traditional sales, 10% of CBD tokens used to purchase products via the mobile apps will also be used to rebase the staking pools for investors.

The farm staking pool will be an entry point to an AR/VR world, where the community can play to earn CBD tokens. Participants will be able to utilize the upcoming NFT marketplace to purchase NFTs with a purpose: each one enabling the user to get more rewards from the staking pools or a higher product discount. All NFTs sold are locked into liquidity.

The most advanced CBD on the market

Currently, Greenheart CBD products are sold in over 49 countries. This includes three blends of CBD oils which are completely organic, homogenized and cold-pressed with no additives to ensure they maintain their purest form. CBD is extremely versatile, with the company introducing a new range of products including muscle oils and balms, as well as popcorn, and protein powders and bars.

A system where everyone can win

By doing something as simple as staking tokens, individuals can enact real change in the world by helping farmers obtain innovative technologies on their farm and enter the CBD market. The customer avails of discounts, the farmers are able to enter a much more lucrative market, and the community reaps the benefits of a rewarding APY.

Greenheart CBD is a real company with real farms, making real products to drive real change in people’s lives. In a market valued in the billions, there is plenty to go around to farmers and investors, particularly those who stake their CBD tokens.

About Greenheart CBD

Greenheart CBD Ltd, an Irish company started by two childhood friends, Mark Canavan and Paul Walsh, is innovating to improve the entire CBD production process. Creating their ecosystem using DeFi blockchain and artificial intelligence, they are working towards full traceability and transparency for their products.

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