How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost

Developing a mobile app on flutter is not the cheapest solution, just like any other mobile app development. A Flutter App would cost something from $15,000 to $300,000. Many variables depend on the application and its features. However, Let us try to break down all the elements of a Flutter App. So you can see those elements, compare them to your application, and estimate your Flutter App total cost. Are you ready?

Flutter Apps Cost Elements

The total cost of the Flutter App is the total cost your businesses carry until the App is ready for users in the Play store, the App store, or both! Each case (App) will need some elements, and maybe all of the following:

  • R&D of Flutter Apps
  • Design Phase
  • Programming Phase
  • Release Costs
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Servers Costs
  • CRM costs

R&D of Flutter Apps

There can’t be success without planning! We are talking about spending thousands of dollars on a few computer files! Everything will come to a loss if you don’t have a plan. Your business must study the idea itself, the application, the launching, and the development. Everything should go within a business plan. And that will cost you time, money, and other resources. The R&D will include many stages, market research, programming language research, compatibility research, business plans, executions, etc.
Estimated cost : ($2,000 to $45,000)
Cost Percentage of Total Costs: 15%

Flutter Apps Design Costs

Once again, everything depends on the App, its purpose, features, type, etc., especially in this cost category. A business will calculate the cost of every process related to designing each option and layout of the App. Some Apps will cost more for graphics. Other apps will cost more for GPS features, etc. However, a business must sort all the features and everything needed to make these features work. After all, this list will help them calculate the total cost of the App. And we are just about to notice that the design phase of any App is the most expensive one. There are too many things to purchase! Graphics, Codes, Database, Research, Compatibility features, and more. This phase would cost around 40% of the total cost of most apps.
Estimated cost : ($6,000 to $120,000)
Cost Percentage of Total Costs: 40%

Costs of Programming Flutter Apps

Programming everything designed will be the following stage in most cases. Programming Flutter Apps will have a large segment of the total costs of apps. And that’s because companies will need to put life in everything they have designed! However, here comes a great advantage of Flutter! Flutter will cut these expenses by at least 50%. And that’s because your company will need to program their designs only once when they use Flutter. There will be no need to reprogram everything again on the iOs or the Android.
Estimated cost : ($4,000 to $100,000)
Cost Percentage of Total Costs: 30%

Release Costs of Flutter Apps

It is the type of cost that developers forget! There are costs of listing your application(s) in markets and platforms. And also, these costs will vary depending on the application and the marketplace. However, a business shouldn’t neglect this cost and include it in the total cost of their Flutter App. And that’s because the total cost value of any product must contain every expense the company paid for the App to be sold or presented.
Estimated cost : ($750 to $15,000)
Cost Percentage of Total Costs: 5%

Flutter Apps Maintenance Costs

There will be bugs! There will be errors to fix. And everything else you know. Any reputable developer will have a team to engage these problems and eliminate them at once. And once again, these costs will lower to at least 50% with Flutter because you will need only one team to maintain your Android and iOS App instead of having multiple departments for each operating system.
Estimated cost : ($750 to $15,000)
Cost Percentage of Total Costs: 5%

Storage Rental Costs of Flutter Apps

Your application will need to rent a space on the internet for the data. That will come at a cost, for sure. And that cost will also vary depending on many things, such as type, size, and quantity of data. However, there is no doubt that these costs are in the Flutter App’s total cost.
Estimated cost : ($500 to $7,500)
Cost Percentage of Total Costs: 2.5%

Storage Rental Costs of Flutter Apps

Your App must be service clients, correct? CRM is one thing you should consider. Business owners and managers will usually have an estimate of these costs based on their experiences in types of applications. At some points, your App and customer service agents will engage customers for many reasons. Each occasion will come at a cost. And experienced developers will usually expect what is coming accurately!
Estimated cost : ($500 to $7,500)
Cost Percentage of Total Costs: 2.5%