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10 AI-Powered Personal Assistants to Simplify Your Daily Life | BitPinas

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  • Artificial intelligence can be used as a tool, rather than be treated as competition.
  • Some of the personal assistant AI tools that can make our daily life easier include IBM Watson Assistant, Youper, Databot, Braina, Eightify AI ChatGPT, BHuman, Magical Text Expander, Aicyclopedia, Socratic, and Fyle.
  • Overall, AIs as our personal assistants ‌can help us save time and effort by organizing our schedules, managing our tasks, and helping us with our activities.

Admit it or not, humans are just humans. We experience fatigue, we cannot process vast amounts of data in just a blink of an eye, we perform better when we are not multitasking, and the time comes when our bodies will be weak, with not enough strength to do the things we used to do before. 

When artificial intelligence (AI) was born into this world, it received negative comments from the public, saying that it would replace human jobs, that it could be used for misinformation, and even as a military weapon. 

But as Advance AI Country Manager Michael Calma said, “I think I would rather treat it as a tool rather than a competition. It is the same case that you used the help of technology to help you with your brand.”

With this, here are the 10 personal assistant AI tools that can make our daily life easier. 

IBM Watson Assistant

First introduced in 2017, IBM Watson Assistant is an AI-powered virtual assistant platform developed by IBM, a tech company. It is designed to enable businesses and developers to build and deploy conversational AI interfaces and chatbots across various channels and devices.

IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant also leverages natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning capabilities to understand and respond to user queries and requests in a conversational manner. The platform even offers tools and features to design and train AI models, integrate with backend systems and data sources, and analyze user interactions for continuous improvement. 

It has a free plan that has usage restrictions and may not include advanced features or capabilities. But for businesses or developers with more extensive requirements, there are paid plans available that offer increased functionality, scalability, and support options. 


Created by a team of psychologists in 2016, Youper is a mobile application that utilizes AI and machine learning techniques to provide mental health support and assist users in managing their emotional well-being. It offers personalized conversations and tools for mental health improvement.


The primary purpose of Youper is to help individuals understand and manage their emotions, track their mood patterns, and develop healthier habits for better mental well-being. The app incorporates techniques from various therapeutic modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness practices.

The app also provides insights and data-driven recommendations based on user interactions and progress. It aims to help users identify patterns, gain insights into their emotional state, and develop strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and other common mental health concerns.

While Youper does offer a free version of the app, it also provides a premium subscription option with additional features and content. The premium version may include access to advanced exercises, personalized programs, and additional resources.


Produced in 2013, Databot is an AI-powered virtual assistant developed by Infomedia, a software development company. It is designed to provide users with a conversational interface and assist with various tasks and information retrieval.

Databot employs natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to understand user queries and provide relevant responses. It can answer questions, provide information on a wide range of topics, offer recommendations, and perform tasks such as setting reminders, managing calendars, and providing weather updates.

The virtual assistant is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices and is available in both free and premium versions. The free version of Databot offers basic features and functionalities, while the premium version may provide additional features, customization options, and enhanced capabilities.


Released in 2014, Braina, or Brain Artificial, is an AI-powered personal assistant software for Windows PCs developed by Brainasoft. It is designed to provide voice recognition and natural language understanding capabilities to assist users in performing various tasks on their computers.

Braina acts as a virtual assistant that can understand spoken commands and respond accordingly. It enables users to control their computers, search the web, play music, manage files, create reminders, set alarms, answer questions, provide weather updates, and perform other computer-related tasks through voice commands.

Aside from its free version, it has its premium version called Braina Pro, which offers additional capabilities, such as advanced voice commands, text-to-speech functionality, and remote control options. 

Eightify AI ChatGPT

Just introduced last year, Eightify AI ChatGPT is a Chrome extension that generates concise summaries of YouTube videos. By extracting key points and condensing the content, it provides users with the main highlights and essential information of the video, eliminating the need to watch the video entirely.

Eightify AI ChatGPT
Eightify AI ChatGPT

This extension, which is free of charge, aims to save users time by enabling them to quickly access the information they seek. It supports multiple languages, ensuring easy comprehension of videos from various regions.


Created in 2020, BHuman is developed by BHuman Technologies as a “powerful tool” that enables human connections at scale with accurate and engaging video content.

BHuman AI

It is a cloud-based platform for its users to produce personalized videos with its proprietary voice cloning, auto lip sync, and morphing technology. This means that it can clone someone’s face and voice to produce videos that look like real recordings. 

BHuman currently offers three pricing plans: Growth ($39.00/month), Scale ($99.00/month), and Unlimited ($150.00/month). There are also custom plans that start at $49 for a five-user plan and go up to $299 for a 200-user plan.

Magical Text Expander

Founded in 2020, Magical Text Expander is a productivity tool that helps users save time and increase efficiency in typing by expanding custom-defined abbreviations into full phrases or sentences. It allows users to create shortcuts or abbreviations for frequently used text snippets, which are then automatically expanded when typed.

Magic Text Expander

The main purpose of Magical Text Expander is to streamline typing and improve productivity by eliminating the need to type out repetitive or lengthy phrases manually. Users can create their own set of abbreviations and corresponding expansions, which can include commonly used phrases, email signatures, addresses, code snippets, or any other text they frequently use.

Currently, though it has a free feature, its “Plus” and “Enterprise” features have no pricing yet. 


AIcyclopedia is a comprehensive directory that houses an extensive collection of AI tools, podcasts, and newsletters. With the constant influx of hundreds of new tools being launched every week, it can be challenging to stay up-to-date. That’s precisely why I created this directory—to provide a centralized resource where you can easily access the latest tools and stay informed with daily updates on new tools and news.


It is free, and anyone can receive updates by just subscribing to their newsletter. 


Launched in 2013 by Chris Pedregal and Shreyans Bhansali, Socratic is an educational application that was created to assist students with their homework and studying. The app utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to help students understand and solve academic problems.

Socratic AI

It allows users to take a photo of a question or type it in manually, and then it provides step-by-step explanations and solutions to the problem. The app covers various subjects such as Math, Science, History, English, and more. It also provides additional resources, including videos, articles, and related concepts, to aid in comprehension.

Socratic is currently available as a free application. Users can download and use the app without any upfront costs. 


Created in 2016 by Yashwanth Madhusudan and Siva Narayanan, Fyle is an expense management software designed to simplify and streamline the process of managing expenses for businesses and individuals. It offers features such as receipt tracking, expense categorization, reimbursement management, and integration with accounting and financial systems.


Users can easily capture receipts using their mobile devices, extract relevant information from receipts through optical character recognition (OCR) technology, and automatically populate expense reports. It also provides features for policy compliance, approval workflows, and analytics to help businesses gain insights into their expense patterns and optimize their spending.

While Fyle does offer a free trial for users to experience its features, it is primarily a paid service. The pricing structure of Fyle varies depending on the number of users and the specific needs of the organization.

Closing Thoughts 

Overall, AIs as our personal assistants ‌can help us save time and effort by organizing our schedules, managing our tasks, and helping us with our activities. They can provide personalized recommendations, answer questions, and offer insights based on data. 

However, it’s important to take note that while AI personal assistants offer convenience and efficiency, human involvement and judgment are still crucial. Using AIs as personal assistants should augment our abilities and act as helpful tools rather than replace human interaction, critical thinking, and decision-making.

Remember, AIs are here to make our daily lives productive and well-managed, not to produce a lazier version of you. 

What AI tools are you interested in using?

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