Big Eyes Coin’s Product Lineup Packs a Punch; to Join Bitcoin and Toncoin on Top

Big Eyes Coin’s Product Lineup Packs a Punch; to Join Bitcoin and Toncoin on Top

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In the world of crypto, success is a uphill battle, where coins like Bitcoin and Toncoin are top dogs. But, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is carving out a unique path, forging ahead with unwavering determination to establish itself as an exceptional cryptocurrency.

True enough, the Cat Crew basked in the warmth of their digital utopia, courtesy of the Big Eyes NFT Lootboxes. Their euphoria soared to greater heights as news of the presale finale on the 3rd of June, accompanied by enticing offers, and a grand launch on the 15th of June, followed suit. Just when the community was awash with contentment and anticipation, Big Eyes Coin sprang yet another surprise — their very own P2E and online casino games.

BIG Dates: 3rd and 15th of June 2023

Big Eyes Coin’s imminent arrival has ignited a palpable excitement in the crypto sphere, as the highly anticipated launch date of 15th June 2023, draws near. With the final presale round of BIG tokens coming to a close on 3rd June 2023, the countdown is truly underway.

As such, Big Eyes Coin offers an array of enticing promotions to capture the market’s attention. That includes the END300 promo, which gifts users an impressive 300% bonus on every purchase, and the time-limited Double Up promo. The latter guarantees investors that 25% of their total deposit will double up (based on the current price of the stage at the time of ‘doubling’).

NFT Talks: Big Eyes Lootbox Cards and Bitcoin Ordinals

The NFT (non-fungible token) craze has swept the globe, and Big Eyes Coin has gracefully hopped on the bandwagon with its NFT Lootboxes, available on OpenSea. With a starting price of 0.0675 ETH, these Big Eyes NFTs offer a wide assortment of original artwork, each one a true gem in its own right.

Conversely, Bitcoin’s Ordinals, a popular new type of blockchain-native NFT, imbues individual satoshis (the smallest unit of Bitcoin), with unique serial numbers that are assigned according to the order in which they were mined

Big Eyes Coin’s NFT Lootboxes are still new in the bustling world of digital collectibles. Yet, hopes are high that this nascent treasure may soon capture the admiration of the market, just as Bitcoin did when it first dropped its Ordinals. This would be made possible through BIG’s dedication and unshakable focus on its roadmap.

Bitcoin, Toncoin, and Big Eyes Coin’s GameFi Venture

The crypto king, Bitcoin, and the Telegram-native crypto, Toncoin, have found success in their foray into the innovative world of GameFi, inspiring Big Eyes Coin to follow suit. With a passionate drive towards exploration, and its sights on an 29th of August launch, Big Eyes Coin will offer an unparalleled P2E and online casino experience, replete with a staggering library of over 4000 games.

A Bullish Future for the Crypto Market

Expectations are high. at the potential bullish market that could reign supreme in the aftermath of popular cryptocurrencies’ — including Bitcoin — halving dates in 2024. Bestowing a tremendous boon on Big Eyes Coin’s pricing potential, the meme token’s value could jump beyond the $0.004 threshold with a $700 million market cap. By 2025, this bullish projection could propel BIG to join the ranks of the top 20 cryptocurrencies, and a formidable competitor against fellow meme assets like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and FLOKI.

They say that the feeling of FOMO is like an insistent whisper, reminding us of the great opportunities that may pass us by — this rings true for Big Eyes Coin.

With BIG’s final presale and launch date set, the stakes are truly at an all-time high. Those who fail to seize this chance would risk the sharp pang of regret as they watch others bask in the bountiful rewards of their timely decision.

FOMO Can Be Scary, But So Can Regret. Check out the links below to get involved with Big Eyes Coin.

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