Crowdfunding WordPress theme & plugin: 6 reasons to say NO

WordPress is no doubt #1 content management system largely used by developers and webmasters around the world to build beautiful & SEO friendly websites.

WordPress’ market share is 34% of all websites and as per an estimate, nearly 75 million websites on the internet are based on WordPress.

According to the statistics more than 409 million people view more than 23.6 billion WordPress pages each month and users publish 69.5 million new posts every month.

Interesting numbers! Aren’t they? But do these numbers really matter when you want to start your own crowdfunding platform website using WordPress platform? Not really.

If you observe the statistics above carefully, you will notice that WordPress has covered 34% of all websites market on the internet.

Which means remaining 66% of websites are not using WordPress as a CMS or base of their platform.

Technically WordPress can do anything and has no limitations. A motorcycle CAN be used as an airplane if you enclose it in a fuselage, attach wings and a propeller to it…. but at that point… the motorcycle itself isn’t buying you much.

As a pilot do you really want your airplane to fly with a motorcycle engine? Obviously not right? You want a jet engine.

Similarly, WordPress is good if you want to design static websites for your business, product and service showcase, landing pages, blog & magazine, image & video galleries and so on.

WordPress is a 15-year-old CMS platform which is very mature now with simple structure, ease of coding and support from thousands of WordPress developers and contributors.

WordPress also offers easy access to the ecosystem from where one can download plenty of free plugins and themes.

On the other hand, the crowdfunding platform is not just a website but a marketplace engine which includes a complex sequence of algorithms to support marketplace business model for fundraisers and supporters.

WordPress would not best fit if you want to launch an enterprise application or marketplace based website where it includes continues involvement with lots of dynamic data from users on both front-end and back-end.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the list of some of the most popular crowdfunding platforms which are not using WordPress as a base of their structure. Ruby on Rails, Angular JS Ruby on Rails, Angular JS Foundation, PHP, Bootstrap Foundation, Bootstrap Razoo) Firebase, PHP, Angular JS J2EE, Angular JS PHP, Bootstrap Foundation, Bootstrap

However above are not the only reasons to say “NO” to WordPress for your crowdfunding site.

There are other cons too of using WordPress as mentioned below.

  1. Version Incompatibility
  2. Data Security
  3. Scalability
  4. Troubleshooting & Support
  5. Customization
  6. Security Threats

1. Version Incompatibility: As mentioned earlier WordPress is a very popular and active community with thousands of WordPress developers and contributors.

This is the reason WordPress users receive frequent updates in its core files. Free updates are cool and everyone loves to keep their website up to date right? But there is a problem here.

WordPress doesn’t support crowdfunding platform features by its own.

One has to depend on 3rd party vendors who have already developed themes and plugins to run a crowdfunding website.

These vendors may or may not release version updates frequently which may cause version incompatibility of their theme or plugin with core updates of WordPress.

This version mismatch may cause an error in the crowdfunding website and may finally result in website down until version incompatibility is fixed.

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2. Security Threats: WordPress version updates are important, avoiding which may leave WordPress websites vulnerable.

However, due to the version incompatibility issues mentioned above many WordPress users avoid upgrading their core WordPress files which makes their website more prone to malware and hacking attacks.

More on that upgrading WordPress website to its latest version doesn’t ensure complete security to a WordPress website.

It has been found in many cases that outdated WordPress themes and plugins are responsible for malware attacks.

Researchers believe intruders are gaining access to these sites not by exploiting flaws in the WordPress CMS itself, but vulnerabilities in outdated themes and plugins. Source

Read more on security threats of WordPress website here: 100,000 or more WordPress sites infected, here: Attacks on Closed WordPress Plugins, and here: Thousands of WordPress sites backdoored with malicious code

3. Troubleshooting & Support: Platform with active users need ongoing support, maintenance troubleshooting.

Many WordPress plugin and theme developers do not provide this crucial support to the platform in order to keep operations running smoothly.

This may result in temporary or semi-permanent shut down of certain operation/feature or the entire website.

Of course, hiring a dedicated WordPress developer may solve this issue to some extent however WordPress developer may not be able to provide support for plugins and theme developed by 3rd party.

4. Data Theft: Are you sure your data is safe with your WordPress website even after installing tons of free and paid WordPress plugins?

What if a copy of your user data including personal and credit card information also being stored somewhere else without your knowledge?

This is enough to scare you, because if you are running a crowdfunding website on WordPress and you will need to store a lot of personal and other sensitive information of users in your database.

You wouldn’t know which 3rd party WordPress utility plugin is stealing your data and storing on their own server to sell it further to Data Vultures.

5. Customization: Every crowdfunding platform has different needs which mean it requires custom features.

WordPress has a very simple structure and ability to customize WordPress website as per needs is a real beauty.

However, there are many core features and modules of WordPress which are not userfriendly.

To ease this inconvenience there will be a need to develop a separate plugin or utility(to avoid getting them replaced with WordPress version updates) for each of them.

This rework will push away all luxuries which were expected from the WordPress platform.

On top of that, customization to 3rd party plugins and themes are sometimes
1. Impossible due to code encryption or licensing
2. Won’t be cost-effective because hiring plugin/theme vendor will be very costly
3. Or won’t be efficient due to either poorly coded or complex coding methods

6. SEO Friendly: WordPress coding structure is carefully crafted to design lightweight and SEO friendly websites.

These efforts by the WordPress community gives an advantage to WordPress websites being indexed easily, quickly and ultimately rank top in search engine results.

But WordPress doesn’t come with a built-in drag and drop page building feature.

For this WordPress user will always need to depend on 3rd party page builder plugins.

Also to extend WordPress capabilities WordPress user make use of average 8-10 various WordPress plugins(free or paid).

These WordPress plugins give a very userfriendly option to easily design and build the content page as per the custom requirements of the user.

But this easiness comes with a great challenge.

These page builders and other utility plugins are notorious for rendering a large amount of HTML, CSS and Javascript code and related dependencies.

This may result in slow-loading content pages, less SEO friendliness and ultimately removing all benefits of core SEO friendly feature of WordPress platform.

The crowdfunding platform is not just a website with a few dynamic pages.

You need a complete crowdfunding engine with various modules in front end and back end to support the crowdfunding business model.

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The technology behind this crowdfunding engine also has to be user-friendly, robust, secure and reliable to remove all limitations and challenges raised by the WordPress platform mentioned above.

We at are developing open source crowdfunding platform as per the custom needs of our customers. Contact us to know more or check the demo of our crowdfunding software now.


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