Curse Of The Dead Gods loses its head with a Dead Cells crossover update Curse Of The Dead Cells

Both are stylish action roguelikes. Both have “Dead” in the name. So why not slam Curse Of The Dead Gods and Dead Cells together, developer Passtech Game asks with the appropriately named (and free) Curse Of The Dead Cells update.

The latest update to Curse Of The Dead Gods brings a big of Dead Cells flair to the game with a new curse that, err, removes your main characters head. In it’s place is a flaming noggin styled after Dead Cells’ lead character, The Prisoner. This curse ramps up your move speed, at the expense of taking more damage from hits.

But a Dead Cells-inspired hero needs Dead Cells-inspired tools. As such, three new weapons have been added echoing that game’s sword, broadsword and explosive crossbow. New “Vault” rooms have also been added, drawing from Dead Cells’ Cursed Chests. Clear the room without getting hit for a powerful (and cursed) reward.

The update also comes with a healthy dose of non-Dead Cells related additions, including new relics, rooms, the ability to sort and banish weapons and a lovely new Assist Mode. There are also plenty of balance tweaks and bug fixes listed in the update’s official patch notes.

As part of the update, Curse Of The Dead Gods is currently 20% off on Steam. Dead Cells itself is 30% off until the end of April, in case you decide to take a deeper dive into the headless hack n’ slasher.


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