Cyanodore 64 #commodore64 #synthesizer #darkroom #MusicMonday #VintageComputing

Cyanodore 64 #commodore64 #synthesizer #darkroom #MusicMonday #VintageComputing

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This Commodore 64 build is a little different. Gavin Lyons is doing a lot at once while diving into some history, art, music, photography…the works.

First and foremost the Cyanodore 64 is a synthesizer. There is also a photography project baked in using the cyanotype process.

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The Commodore 64 was an iconic home computer that was first introduced in 1982. The C64 SID chip aka the Sound Interface Device is what makes this machine suitable for a really incredible Synth. The Synthesiser software is free. You’ll need some adapters and with a little patience to get things up and working properly but it’s certainly worth it in the end. I will used the bread box aka „Brotkasten“ type made in West Germany – the model G version of the Commodore 64.

Time Stamp:

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