DCR Releases a Dual-Interface Contactless Prepaid Visa® Card

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TORONTO, October 27, 2021—DCR Strategies Inc. | TruCash, one of Canada’s leading payment providers, has released a Dual-Interface Contactless Prepaid Visa® Card to meet the rising demand for contactless payments.

DCR’s new product is the only dual-interface prepaid card in Canada to offer branding customization. The vertical card features a generic design that can be customized with logos or brand assets to strengthen cardholder loyalty.

The product’s dual-interface chip enables users to tap and pay in seconds or insert the card at POS terminals. Contactless functionality eliminates the inconvenience of a PIN on purchases up to $250 and increases card longevity. The chip also transfers encrypted funds using near-field communication, offering superior security to magstripe cards.

With these benefits, dual-interface cards are ideal for reloadable payment programs, such as loyalty, employee payments, or incentive solutions. The product is also compatible with the TruCash Wallet app, where users can transfer funds, view transaction history, and earn points.

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic caused 43% of Canadians to prefer digital and contactless payments long-term, and 9% of businesses upgraded their POS terminals to accept contactless payments, according to Payments Canada. With the acceleration of touch-free payment methods, DCR Strategies Inc. | TruCash continues to innovate payment products that offer an excellent cardholder experience.

“We designed this product to bring exceptional security and convenience to our clients and cardholders. Our team is proud to introduce custom contactless options to the prepaid payment space, enabling businesses to drive sales and streamline operations,” said Diana Fletcher, President of DCR Strategies Inc. Please contact our team to learn more about the Dual-Interface Contactless Prepaid Visa® Card.

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DCR Strategies is revolutionizing rewards and loyalty to help businesses drive growth. Our award-winning payments platform integrates prepaid cards, mobile wallets and APIs with end-to-end branding customization. With over 30 years of digital payments experience, we bring flexible rewards solutions to leading brands and millions of cardholders worldwide.

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