Genshin Impact Dark Iron Sword Location in Chenyu Vale

Genshin Impact Dark Iron Sword Location in Chenyu Vale

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The Dark Iron Sword might just be the rarest weapon in Genshin Impact, although there’s nothing inherently special about it. The sword was famous for having exactly one copy in the game, which meant that you couldn’t refine it.

However, with the introduction of Genshin Impact 4.4, that’s changed! You can now get another Dark Iron Sword, so if you’ve been holding onto the previous one, you have the chance to refine it. In this guide, we’ll take you through where to find the Dark Iron Sword in Genshin Impact 4.4.

Where to find the Dark Iron Sword in Chenyu Vale

If you haven’t obtained the first Dark Iron Sword yet, you can grab this 3-star weapon from Chen the Sharp, a food vendor in Liyue Harbor by interacting with him. You can get a second copy in Chenyu Vale, and refine the sword if you’re still holding on to it.

Dark Iron Sword overview

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For players who have already sacrificed the sword, Genshin Impact has given you another chance to collect this rare weapon! This opportunity will come to you as you complete the quest “A Wangshan Walk to Remember,” so don’t miss it.

To find the Dark Iron Sword in Genshin Impact 4.4, head to Chenyu Vale, Liyue’s latest sub-area. Here, you’ll need to find and activate the Statue of the Seven located in the east of the region.

Location of Dark Iron Sword on map

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Head west along the road towards Mount Lingmeng, where you’ll find a waypoint near a combat arena. There’s a large stone door blocking the entrance into the mountain. You’ll need to approach and interact with the door to knock.

Inside, you need to speak with a representative of the declining Guhua Martial Arts School, and wait for another member of the school, Huang the Third. Once you enter Wangshan Hall, two simple trials will be presented to you by Huang the Third.

Complete the trial and progress through Wangshan Hall by following the mission instructions. You’ll need to activate a mechanism in the library by placing four scriptures found in the room on the correct shelves, guided by Elemental Sight and clues.

Basically, you’ll be matching books of the same colour to the corresponding shelves. The water level will drop, and you can now reach a chamber with a Precious chest. However, this isn’t the chest with the Dark Iron Sword.

You’ll need to descend lower, activating the Teleport Waypoint, until you reach a large hall with a circular platform surrounded by water.

Dark Iron Sword location inside the room

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On the left side of the platform, you’ll find some ruins protecting a Common chest. Open the chest to unveil the second-ever copy of the Dark Iron Sword in the game!

That concludes our guide on how to find the Dark Iron Sword in Genshin Impact’s idyllic Chenyu Vale!

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