HashKey-Backed CARV Achieves 500K Daily Active Wallets | BitPinas

HashKey-Backed CARV Achieves 500K Daily Active Wallets | BitPinas

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  • CARV achieves a milestone with 500,000 daily active wallets (DAW).
  • The achievement makes it a leading decentralized application (DApp) globally, according to DappRadar.
  • CARV Protocol allows users to earn through passive and active income, leveraging its self-sovereign identity (SSI) oracle and privacy-preserving data-sharing features.

CARV, a gaming-focused credential and data infrastructure, announced its recent achievement of reaching 500,000 daily active wallets (DAW). Accordingly, DappRadar noted that this accomplishment places CARV at the forefront globally as a premier decentralized application (DApp).

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CARV Daily Active Users

CARV, a self-sovereign identity (SSI) oracle and privacy-preserving data-sharing protocol with a flagship AI-powered gaming superapp, recently shared that it had reached 500,000 DAW. 

Daily Active Wallets in the context of crypto refer to the number of unique wallets or addresses that are actively involved in transactions or other activities on a blockchain within a specific day. DAWs are a commonly used metric to gauge the level of user engagement and activity within a cryptocurrency network. 

As of writing, CARV is still number 1 in DappRadar’s Social DApp category. However, in the last 24 hours, CARV reported a total of 548.92k Unique Active Wallets (UAW), reflecting a slight decrease of 3.72%. The number of transactions within the same period amounted to 570.75k, showing a decrease of 4.11%. 

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How does CARV work?

CARV Protocol enables users to earn through passive income from historical data and active income from engaging with brands. 

Using CARV ID, based on the ERC7231 standard, users aggregate their web2 socials, digital identities, and blockchain wallets, sharing preferences and experiences with brands in a privacy-preserving manner. In return, they receive passive income and personalized services like game recommendations. In addition, by linking more accounts and actively participating in brand interactions, users can significantly increase their earnings.

Photo for the Article - HashKey-Backed CARV Achieves 500K Daily Active Wallets

Further, as per the announcement, over 600K gamers globally have adopted CARV ID, earning passively, with some making $70 in a few weeks. 

Additionally, CARV emphasizes its mission is to empower users with data ownership and equitable monetization while preserving privacy.

According to the media release, the significant milestones of launching CARV Protocol in Q3 2023 and introducing Data-To-Earn features in Q4 2023 were pivotal steps toward achieving its goal. CARV highlighted that these initiatives will empower internet users to consolidate, own, manage, and monetize their data, identities, and reputations.

The firm also affirmed that as CARV enters DataToEarn 2.0, ecosystem blockchains and publishers will bring their games to join its pioneer series “to boost tens of thousands of earnings for gamers, such as BNB Chain, Ronin, Avalanche, Linea, Sky Mavis, and more.”

CARV Investors

Accordingly, the firm credited the success on its strategic funding from HashKey Capital and a $100 billion global tech giant, along with a notable seed round featuring web3 gaming innovators like Gabby Dizon and Sebastian Bogerate. 

Moreover, the investment roster also boasts renowned names such as Temasek’s Vertex Ventures, Infinity Ventures Crypto, YGGSEA, Snackclub, and more. 

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