iFlicks Applauds Recent Performance of Team SouL’s New Roster

iFlicks Applauds Recent Performance of Team SouL’s New Roster

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The decision by Team SouL to drop its successful Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) roster and sign Blind Esports’ roster raised eyebrows and sparked discussions. Nishant “iFlicks” Murlidahran’s shared his initial skepticism during a live stream, as the shift meant not just a change in players but also a transition in expectations and fanbase. However, iFlicks himself recently acknowledged that the new roster has not only weathered the storm of doubts but has also impressed with their performance.

In a livestream following the announcement of Team SouL’s new roster, iFLicks highlighted the immense pressure that Team SouL would face after the roster change. The burden of expectations from both the fanbase and the organization could potentially weigh heavily on the players’ minds, affecting their performance. “The main thing I said was that people will expect performance from them, especially the organization. Hence, at that time, I was skeptical whether they would perform or not,” he added.

In a recent livestream, iFlicks acknowledged that Team SouL did not allow the pressure to hinder their performance, and went on to put forth a commendable performance. They have shown an unwavering focus on their game, irrespective of the organization’s legacy or the size of their fanbase. “It doesn’t matter which tag, Blind Esports or Team Soul, they had above their heads. They are actually going together and performing well. They don’t care how big Team SouL’s fanbase is;tThey are reeling too well, they are reeling really good,” he added.

The transition from one roster to another is never a seamless process. However, Team SouL’s new roster has showcased a remarkable unity in diversity. It will be interesting to see how they perform in the future.

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