Inaugural Ordinals Summit successfully wraps up in Singapore; surprise appearance by Casey Rodarmor, creator of Bitcoin Ordinals

Inaugural Ordinals Summit successfully wraps up in Singapore; surprise appearance by Casey Rodarmor, creator of Bitcoin Ordinals

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Domo, Creator of BRC-20 Protocol, during the “What is BRC and what does its future hold?” keynote

Over 400 people from all around the world gathered at the PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay in Singapore on 12 September to attend the first-ever Ordinals Summit 2023, Asia’s first Ordinals event of its scale.

The single-day event featured 7 panel sessions, 4 keynotes, and a closing fireside chat, and was attended by leading experts and industry figureheads, as well as the top developers, builders, investors, artists, and collectors, from the Ordinals space. These sessions covered areas such as what’s new in the Ordinals space, Bitcoin BUIDL culture, opportunities and challenges for investors looking to venture into Ordinals, and more.

Ordinals Summit 2023’s boasted a stacked speaker line-up featuring prominent industry figureheads such as Udi Wertheimer, creator of the popular Ordinals collection Taproot Wizards; Domo, the creator of the BRC-20 Protocol; Erin Redwing, COO, Ordinals Protocol; Raph, Lead Maintainer of the Ordinals Protocol; and many more. There was also a surprise guest appearance from the creator of Bitcoin Ordinals, Casey Rodarmor.

Casey Rodarmor, Creator of Bitcoin Ordinals, during the Fireside Chat

Event attendees had the opportunity to experience a crypto art exhibition, presented by Crypto Art Week Asia. The gallery featured digital artwork curated by radarboy3000, featuring digital artworks by Takens Theorem, Rudxane, Chainleft, Ting Song, and more. Ordinals Summit 2023 also launched an immersive 3D virtual gallery on N3WBS Gallery, a virtual platform exclusively for the Ordinals community.

Despite a crypto winter that has dragged on for over a year, the inaugural Ordinals Summit 2023 not only saw a buzzing crowd, it also welcomed many notable brands as sponsors. These include Ordzaar, Coin98, AWS, Horizen Labs, LG, NeoSwap, OKX, Recursive Doodinals (RCSV), and UniSat.

Key announcements made during Ordinals Summit 2023:

U-Zyn Chua, Co-Founder and Lead Researcher of Ordzaar, a trailblazing permissionless Zero-Fee Bitcoin Ordinals platform, announced an Honor-Based Creators Royalty feature designed to foster sustainability and reward long-term vision in the burgeoning Ordinals builder ecosystem. By offering 0% fees on secondary trading and a seamless creators launchpad, Ordzaar stands at the forefront of innovation, championing a future where creators are rewarded for their foresight and commitment to long-term growth.

Coin98’s Founder, Thanh Le, took to theOrdinals Summit stage to unveil their groundbreaking new product, the Bitcoin Wallet by Coin98. Aptly coined “The Next-gen Bitcoin Wallet”, the Bitcoin Wallet by Coin98 offers a safe and user-centric approach to self-custody BTC storage. Beyond Bitcoin, it also opens the doors to the world of Ordinals, granting users unparalleled control over their digital assets. This transformative self-custody solution empowers individuals to unlock the full potential of the Bitcoin network and experience the future of digital finance.

Neoswap, an AI-powered economic engine that uses blockchain technology to offer users a personalized, efficient, and accessible trading experience, announced at the event that they will be hosting an Ordinals smart auction in collaboration with Ordzaar this week. This unique auction format allows buyers to bid with freedom on all Ordinals they are interested in purchasing, without fear of overspending.

RCSV, the first collection of recursive arts fully designed by the community, announced that they have released its BRC-420 protocol in two parts: ‘Metaverse Standards’ and ‘Inscription Royalties.’ The Metaverse Standards will make all content like game items, gameplay, audio, and video available in open-source formats, enabling interoperability across multiple games and blockchain environments.

More photos of the event can be downloaded here.

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