Introducing GoMining's Groundbreaking NFT Generation Process With The Debut Of Mine Box Collection - CryptoInfoNet

Introducing GoMining’s Groundbreaking NFT Generation Process With The Debut Of Mine Box Collection – CryptoInfoNet

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Pioneering the fusion of NFTs and Bitcoin mining, GoMining, the world’s first mining company providing seamless access to BTC mining through NFTs backed by genuine computing power, has introduced a groundbreaking approach to NFT miner creation. NFT enthusiasts and individuals with a passion for bitcoin mining on a global scale now have the chance to generate and mint their completely exclusive GoMining NFTs through the recently introduced process. These unique items are part of the new collection, aptly named The Mine Box, and are readily accessible on the GoMining platform, alongside digital miners from previous drops.

NFT Creation & Unique Traits 

In line with the collection’s logic, Mine Box NFT miners are automatically crafted upon purchase. The final appearance of each miner is a composition of assorted traits, such as body, buttons, display, fans, and more, randomly assigned during the generation process. Each trait holds a rarity classification, spanning from common to legendary (0.10%), adding an element of exclusivity to specific Mine Box NFTs and rendering them truly unparalleled and exceptional.

As GoMining’s digital miners represent a portion of actual bitcoin mining power, users have the liberty to equip their NFTs with varying levels of computing power, ranging from 1 to 5,000 TH/s (equivalent to an entire fleet of mining equipment!). The chosen computing power inversely impacts the calculated cost per terahash—the higher the computing power, the lower the cost.

Once the initial mining power is selected, users can finalize their purchase using USDT, GOMINING tokens, or any available fiat payment method, resulting in the generation of a tailor-made NFT exclusively designed for them.

Each generated NFT boasts an energy efficiency level of 35 W/TH, conveniently upgradable with just a few clicks. An easy-to-use bitcoin mining calculator, based on historical data, is always accessible, allowing users to assess the expected ROI of their acquisition.

Minting an NFT Miner

With the Mine Box update, each digital miner from this infinite collection can be minted on any blockchain, with options including Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. This feature is immediately available upon NFT purchase and generation, enabling seamless transfer to any external wallet supporting the chosen network.

A standout feature, particularly relevant to Mine Box NFTs, is the secondary market where these can be listed and traded, both within GoMining NFT marketplace and on external platforms like OpenSea. This opens avenues for holders seeking to capitalize on the unique traits of their Mine Box miner or, conversely, for those interested in acquiring a genuinely distinctive item minted by a fortunate individual.

When asked about the Mine Box Collection, GoMining CEO Mark Zalan shared his perspective on the update:

“The Mine Box Collection is a step towards a more engaging NFT experience, appealing to users interested in BTC mining and collectibles. From now on, our digital miners become even more unique and, therefore, are in demand on the secondary market in both categories. This functionality is combined with our existing best practices, ensuring that every GoMining NFT holder will enjoy daily BTC rewards for holding their miners, regardless of their purpose,” Mark Zalan stated.

About GoMining 

GoMining is a global bitcoin mining company with nine data centers worldwide. Leveraging over 6 years of expertise in the crypto industry, GoMining facilitates seamless global access to daily BTC mining rewards through the ownership of GoMining NFTs, backed by real computing power.

GOMINING, the native token of the GoMining ecosystem, is accessible on both the Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks. The GOMINING token is currently available on several major DEXs and CEXs, including PancakeSwap, Uniswap, MEXC, Bitfinex, and

Trusted by more than 18,000 GoMining NFT holders, the platform is available to both desktop users and through a seamless application on iOS and Android devices. For more information about the company and NFT miners, please refer to the official GoMining website and check out the GoMining reviews on Trustpilot and mobile app stores.

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