IoT Now Magazine Q3 2023: Is greater experience just another brick in the IoT wall? | IoT Now News & Reports

IoT Now Magazine Q3 2023: Is greater experience just another brick in the IoT wall? | IoT Now News & Reports

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IoT Magazine Q3 2023 coverIoT Magazine Q3 2023 cover

Unlock the latest developments in the world of IoT with the newest issue of IoT Now Magazine. In this edition, we delve into the landscape of IoT, exploring topics ranging from smart cities to 5G mmWave technology.

Explore how companies floLIVE, Libelium, Qualcomm and more are shaping the future of IoT connectivity. Find out about the innovative solutions showcased at the Mobile World Congress, exploring substantial energy savings across networks while maintaining service quality. Get exclusive insights from interviews with Onur Kasaba, Nir Shalom, Mohammed Ansari and Alicia Asin Perez. They share their knowledge and perspectives on the IoT landscape, offering insights into the trends, challenges and innovations shaping the industry.

In this issue:

  • INTERVIEW – floLIVE’s Nir Shalom and Qualcomm Technologies’ Mohammed Ansari lift the lid on their collaboration to enable simplified, frictionless asset tracking with global connectivity that has been designed for things, not people
  • ANALYST REPORT – Our 7-page report, authored by experts at Analysys Mason assesses the opportunity for module makers to sell integrated IoT connectivity
  • CASE STUDY – Inside Bermad’s deployment of narrowband-IoT connected irrigation controllers with floLIVE global connectivity
  • IoT NOW ONES TO WATCH – The companies that have caught our attention in the world of IoT connectivity
  • IoT SECURITY – Wireless Logic’s Simon Trend provides his three top tips for IoT security
  • 5G MMWAVE – Fibocom asks if 5G mmWave is the technology behind next-level connectivity for IoT
  • SMART CITIES – Libelium’s Alicia Asin Perez telling George Malim how holistic, data-fuelled IoT can drive smart cities beyond their challenges
  • SMART CITIES REPORT – Juniper Research shares its latest insights into how the potential of smart cities can be unlocked
  • FEATURE – Antony Savvas says that while most projects have not lived up to the hype, the latest developments are changing the smart cities story
  • ANALYST REPORT – Transforma Insights details its view of best practice for delivering IoT connectivity in a 7-page report

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay informed and ahead in the dynamic world of IoT.


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