Join Roobet at IEM Katowice 2024 for a 20% Cashback! | BitcoinChaser

Join Roobet at IEM Katowice 2024 for a 20% Cashback! | BitcoinChaser

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The buzz is real as IEM Katowice 2024 is finally here. There’s big anticipation in the esports community with a faceoff among 24 of the best teams in the world. All teams are competing for glory and a jaw-dropping $1,000,000 prize pool. This time, Counter-Strike 2 is making its grand entrance at the iconic Spodek Arena. Roobet is your perfect casino for esports thrills and is rolling out a great promotion that’s got us excited.

Lock in Your Bets with Roobet’s 20% Cashback Deal

Get ready for a true esports extravaganza as Roobet puts you in the heart of the action with their IEM Katowice: 20% Cashback promotion. With 16 teams battling it out in the group stage and a total of 24 contenders, you’re in for a pulse-pounding experience. Take your chances on any pre-match event, and don’t worry if the luck train takes an unexpected detour. Roobet’s got your back with a sweet 20% Cashback on your total losses, dished out as a Free Bet.

  • Play from January 31 to February 11
  • Bet on any pre-match event
  • Get 20% Cashback on your total losses as a Free Bet

Your Ticket to Esports Thrills with Roobet

Roobet wears its esports fandom on its sleeve, always tweaking and tuning to give you the ultimate gaming experience. They are known for coming up with great promotions during big esports showdowns and they are even hosting their own tournament, named the Roobet Cup. They’re like your VIP pass to the top-notch world of esports.

IEM Katowice is a heavyweight in the competition calendar, promising to serve up the essence of competitive gaming with a downright electrifying atmosphere. While CS2 steals the spotlight, don’t forget the StarCraft II showdown. This event is adding its own dash of excitement, with a $500,000 prize pool. It’s the perfect way to kickstart the year, soaking in the spectacle of skill and strategy.

More Than Just Esports Action

Roobet isn’t a one-trick pony; it’s your hub for sports betting experiences. From the football goals to basketball slam dunks, and even the tennis aces and beyond, Roobet provides odds that turn every bet into a winning opportunity. The door to the thrilling universe of sports and esports is wide open at Roobet!

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