LCS 2023 Spring Split Power Rankings (Week 6)

LCS 2023 Spring Split Power Rankings (Week 6)

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The page has turned to the 2023 season and fans everywhere are excited to see what their teams are doing for the Spring Split. This is the first Power Ranking of the new year and while teams prepare, analysts discuss their teams at length. Like all Power Rankings, these will instantly be wrong upon being published. But that is okay because pieces like these are fun thought experiments as everyone waits for the season to begin. So, without further adieu, here are the LCS 2023 Spring Split Power Rankings, heading into Week 6.

Thanks to Oracles Elixir for any and all Stats used in this article.

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10. Immortals (Last Week: 9)

Three kills in one game does not inspire confidence. Especially when the team was starting to look more competent. Immortals are bringing in Bolulu after Ablazeolive has decided to take a break from competitive play. While a change may help, this team will still likely struggle.

9. Dignitas (Last Week: 10)

A win is a win. It was a weird one as EG fell on their face but Tomo and Jensen powered the team to victory. If Tomo can continue to show that he belongs this team can start looking forward to next split with some excitement as Spring Split is still likely over for them.

8. Team Liquid (Last Week: 8)

Beating Immortals or Dignitas does not really matter right now. Team Liquid have to start to win games against everyone else for them to move up the rankings. Their mid and late-game communication continues to be a major issue.

7. TSM (Last Week: 5)

Losing to CLG hurt this team’s playoff chances quite a bit. A 2-0 record over CLG would have been nice but they have to move on. This coming week Team Liquid will be the focus as a win over them would give TSM the tie-breaker. With WidlTurtle back, it will be interesting to see how TSM decide to play.

6. CLG (Last Week: 6)

The win over TSM was a big one for the same reason it was bad for TSM. Now CLG have their sights set on beating some of the top teams again. They have to continue winning using their style because if they try to become too meta again, it could be a very rough week 6.

5. 100 Thieves (Last Week: 7)

100 Thieves believe that they are one of the best teams in the LCS. After ending their losing streak, they are going to have to play two teams that are feeling pretty solid in C9 and CLG. A 2-0 week would go a long way to restoring the fan’s faith in the squad. It won’t be easy but they have some of the best in the business when it comes to finding a solution.

4. Evil Geniuses (Last Week: 2)

This team is WAY too good to be losing to Dignitas, alas, they did what this iteration of EG seems to do. Losing random games happens but then they ran into the scorching-hot Golden Guardians. Jojo and the crew will have to find their resolve and push for a strong week which includes FlyQuest if they want any chance at the first seed.

3. Cloud9 (Last Week: 3)

Similar to EG, Cloud 9 ran into the brick wall that is Golden Guardians and took down a meager TSM team. Now with more time for EMENES to come together with the team, C9 will be hoping to find themselves within a game for FLY thanks to an EG win and a 2-0 week for them. Things are starting to heat up.

2. Golden Guardians (Last Week: 4)

Speaking of heat, Golden Guardians are basically the sun at this point. They have ripped off seven straight wins and have one of their easier weeks in some time. River is deservedly being considered for MVP while Gori and Stixxay light up the LCS. This team is strong and it is time to start wondering who will stop their streak.

1. FlyQuest (Last Week: 1)

Even with Golden Guardians playing out of their minds, it will take a lot to move FlyQuest from this position.

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