NFTFN Presale Lifts Off To $600K, Targets $1 Million

NFTFN Presale Lifts Off To $600K, Targets $1 Million

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NFTFN, the revolutionary web3 fintech company, is making waves in the NFT space. Their red-hot presale has already surpassed a staggering $600,000, with over 20 million tokens snatched up by savvy investors. This phenomenal response underscores the immense potential of NFTFN’s flagship product, SuperNova (SNV). SuperNova acts as the bridge for mainstream adoption, offering a user-friendly and accessible way to participate in the booming NFT Perp market.

Unshackling the Barries Plaguing the NFT Market

NFTFN breaks down the complexities that have long kept the average investor out of the NFT game. “Steep entry costs, limited hedging options, and a lack of intuitive tools” have been significant roadblocks, says Abhishek Kumar Gupta, CMO and Co-founder of NFTFN. SuperNova solves these issues, empowering everyone to join the NFT revolution.

SuperNova: Your Gateway to Strategic NFT Perp Trading

“Imagine speculating on the price movements of coveted NFT collections like BAYC or MAYC without needing a king’s ransom,” says Vikas Singh, CEO and Co-founder of NFTFN. “SuperNova empowers you to do just that! With SuperNova, you can start trading a basket of Blue-Chip NFTs for as low as $10. It’s that simple.”

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Early Investor Advantage

The NFTFN presale offers a unique opportunity for early participation rewards. Structured strategically in six stages, each with a set number of tokens at a fixed price, the presale benefits those who get in early.

  • Stage 1: This initial stage offered a pool of 10 million tokens at an incredible price of $0.025 each. It vanished in a flash, highlighting the massive investor demand.
  • Stage 2: The second stage is nearing its conclusion, with 25 million tokens available at a slightly increased but still attractive price of $0.030 each. 

This limited-time window offers investors a chance to secure NFTFN tokens at a competitive rate before the price rises in subsequent stages.

The NFTFN Roadmap

NFTFN’s roadmap is brimming with exciting developments scheduled for launch throughout 2024. Here’s a glimpse into the future:

  • Mainnet Launch and Token Release (Q1 2024): The platform blasts off, unleashing its core functionalities and introducing the $NFTFN token.
  • Ordinals Debut and Individual NFT Perps (Q1 2024): NFTFN embraces the revolutionary Ordinals standard on Bitcoin, introducing individual NFT Perps, starting with BAYC.
  • Advanced Features and Expanding Horizons (Q2-Q3 2024): Get ready for support for leading NFT projects across various ecosystems, a real-time market update Telegram bot, cross-margin trading, and the introduction of crypto and even Real-World Asset (RWA) Perps.
  • CME/CBOE Listings (Q4 2024): The future looks bright as NFTFN explores potential collaborations with traditional financial institutions to offer index products and secure listings on major exchanges like CME or CBOE.

Join the NFT Revolution with NFTFN

The global NFT market is on a meteoric rise, expected to reach a staggering $230 billion by 2030. 

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NFTFN is perfectly positioned to be a leading force in this explosive growth. The presale presents a lucrative chance to be part of a groundbreaking platform and become a key player in the future of NFT finance.

Visit NFTFN’s website today and secure your spot in the presale!

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