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Ready Your Party: Dungeons & Dragons Comes To VR – VRScout

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Design and play your own custom 5e campaigns in this upcoming VR tabletop experience.

Tabletop campaigns come to life in Dungeon Full Dive, a brand new role-playing game from developer TxK Gaming Studios that’s coming to Steam Early Access later this year. The VR TTRPG promises an entirely new dimension of VR gaming as players explore a massive virtual world in unprecedented ways.

Created by Tom Bockhorn and Khang Pham (co-founders of TxK Gaming Studios), Dungeon Full Dive features a dedicated map builder, allowing you to create your own original fantasy worlds. You can even switch between traditional and miniature perspectives.

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Credit: TxK Gaming Studios

Dungeons and dragons and VR, oh my!

According to TxK Gaming Studios, players will have the ability to create their own heroes and maps and embark on epic 5e campaigns filled with a wide variety of creatures, environments, and interactions.

Like a standard IRL game session, dungeon masters can guide their party throughout their adventures. Players can even access and modify their character sheets in-game. They can also interact with the virtual world and participate in various activities. This includes playing instruments, drinking at a tavern, exploring dark forests, and battling fire-breathing dragons just to name a few.

Credit: TxK Gaming Studios

Some cool features to mention (as provided by TxK Gaming Studios):

  • Build Your Own Maps: Whether it’s in the icy peaks of the mountains or a monster-filled forest, you can create or modify battle maps using the in-game map editor and watch your world come alive!
  • Create Your Own Hero: Build an army of miniatures using the game’s powerful character editor; be whoever or whatever you want to be!
  • Play with Friends: Each campaign can support up to eight players and supports crossplay between VR and PC players, so all can chat with their party and roll the dice.
  • Explore the World: Choose how to view your world, through a classic top-down tabletop experience or from the eyes of your miniature, and watch them interact with the world.
Credit: TxK Gaming Studios

A new era for tabletop gaming?

The impressive team over at TxK Gaming Studios is committed to redefining the landscape of VR and tabletop gaming to ensure that anyone and everyone can experience the excitement of Dungeon Full Dive and Dungeons & Dragons as a whole.

To help them with their mission, TxK Gaming Studios will be releasing Dungeon Full Dive on Steam later this year, and it will feature cross-play capabilities. The game’s alpha test will be starting in the next couple of weeks, and they would greatly appreciate it if you could jump into the game and let them know what you think!

Credit: TxK Gaming Studios

TTRPG fans looking to get an early look at Dungeon Full Dive can sign up now to take part in the alpha test happening later this year. To learn more about Dungeon Full Dive and follow its development, players can wishlist the game on Steam and join the community Discord for up-to-date information about upcoming events.

For more on TxK Gaming Studios, click here.

Feature Image Credit: TxK Gaming Studios

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