Satoshi Nakamoto’s Praise for Ripple Surfaces Amid Bitcoin Maxi’s XRP Criticism

Satoshi Nakamoto’s Praise for Ripple Surfaces Amid Bitcoin Maxi’s XRP Criticism

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The XRP community recently spotlighted Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s commendation of Ripple in 2009 amid sustained XRP criticisms from Max Keiser.

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While the renowned Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser continues to deride XRP, proponents of the digital asset have unearthed a statement favoring Ripple from Satoshi Nakamoto.

In multiple posts on the X platform recently, Max Keiser mocked that XRP is a centralized cryptocurrency. One of his statements was that people investing in XRP are wasting their funds on what he believes is meaningless. 

According to the Bitcoin maximalist, “A fortune in a centralized fiat-shitcoin like XRP is meaningless.”

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In response to Keiser’s statement, a notable XRP influencer highlighted a comment the founder of Bitcoin made about Ripple fourteen years ago. Satoshi’s remark read in part:

“Ripple is interesting in that it’s the only other system that does something with trust besides concentrate it into a central server.”

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Did Satoshi Commend Ripple [XRP]?

Notably, the pro-XRP influencer spotlighted Satoshi’s statement to show Keiser that while he loved Bitcoin and hated XRP, the founder of Bitcoin praised the Ripple protocol. 

It is worth clarifying that the comment from Satoshi came three years before XRP Ledger (XRPL) went live. Specifically, Satoshi commented in 2009 about the original Ripple protocol dubbed ‘RipplePay.’ 

Besides, the authenticity of Satoshi’s comment on Ripple is debatable. A site that published the statement in 2009 stated:

“As with all private emails, there are limits on our ability to verify the trustworthiness of the material, but the consensus is that these emails are accurate and do not contradict anything else Satoshi wrote.”

It is also worth mentioning that the concept behind Ripple Lab started much earlier than 2012. According to Wikipedia sources, Ripple started 2004 with Ryan Fugger, a prominent software engineer.

Moreover, in a similar conversation thread, Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz confirmed that Saotshi did comment on RipplePay. He emphasized that RipplePay was the original Ripple system, and that the XRPL is only different from it due to the use of XRP as a native token.

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