Social Infrastructure UXLINK Announces Limited Community Sale for Airdrop Voucher NFTs

Social Infrastructure UXLINK Announces Limited Community Sale for Airdrop Voucher NFTs

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UXLINK’s Season 1 airdrop campaign, “IN UXLINK WE TRUST,” was launched in early May to engage a community of 550,000 contributors. Over half of the campaign has already been fulfilled. Participating in the campaign requires minting an airdrop voucher called the UXLINK NFT. This voucher ensures you receive the native token $UXLINK through an airdrop, which will be fully unlocked after the Token Generation Event (TGE).

UXLINK has recently announced the launch of a special community sale featuring three unique Airdrop Voucher NFTs: “MOON,” “TRUST,” and “FRENS.” These exclusive NFTs can now be found on the NFT Marketplace, giving crypto enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of digital art. Each voucher has a value of 25,000, 750, and 50 $UXLINK tokens, respectively, and provides the same advantages as the UXLINK NFTs.

PLUM, a community member from South Korea, stated that many users have been voicing their concerns about the lack of UXUY points for redeeming premium NFTs. They are also eager to participate in the PRE-TGE airdrop to ensure they don’t miss out. The community sale presents a remarkable chance for individuals to partake in this noteworthy airdrop initiative.

Hector from Turkey is eager about the community sale, stating, “UXLINK has a substantial user base in Turkey, where people generally hold crypto assets. The launch of the community sale is warmly welcomed by everyone.”

According to the community manager, the limited community sale of UXLINK airdrop voucher NFTs is expected to last about two weeks or until stocks run out. The UXLINK project is progressing steadily, with a healthy cash flow and ample cash reserves. All proceeds from the community sales will be dedicated to community development and ecological growth.

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