SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada Customization Trailer Released

SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada Customization Trailer Released

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Set in a dystopian futuristic world where humans and AI must cooperate to survive, learn more about the customization options coming to Bandai Namco’s SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada with the latest trailer for the game.

In this PvPvE extraction shooter, players will be joined by an AI companion – known as a Magus – that provides useful combat information that includes (but is not limited to) radar locations, resource tracking, and combat assistance. These can all vary depending on both the Magus and the support skills chosen by the player.

A Magus’ appearance can also be fully customized by the player, including outfits featuring the latest fashions. When it comes to one’s mechs – dubbed CRADLECOFFINS – players can also customize one’s chassis, arms, and legs, with two weapons as well to optimize their loadout for each sortie.

See it for yourself with the SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada customization trailer below:

SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada – Customization Trailer

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SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada will come out in 2024 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. More information around SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada can be found via the official Bandai Namco page for the title.

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