The Ghost of an Ancient Star Floats in a Celestial Cloud #SpaceSaturday

The Ghost of an Ancient Star Floats in a Celestial Cloud #SpaceSaturday

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As They Might Be Giants reminded us in their song Why Does The Sun Shine?, “The sun is large! / If the sun were hollow, a million Earths could fit inside / And yet, the sun is only a middle-sized star!” A million Earths! It’s impossible, maybe, to really imagine something so gargantuan. And even if you manage to get a sense of the staggering size of the sun, you’ll have to face the fact that suns that size, and larger, often die in a celestial explosion known as a nova. Fortunately, what they leave behind can be beautiful, like the supernova remnant DEM L190. Here’s more from Astronomy Now:

The Hubble Space Telescope has visited supernova remnant DEM L 190 in the Large Magellanic Cloud several times using different instruments to study the interaction of expanding wisps of gas and dust with the interstellar medium and to pinpoint the source of repeating gamma-ray emissions. This image, captured late last year, combines additional data and uses more powerful image processing to provide a stunning new look at the billowing remnant, revealing a spectacular tapestry marking the site, 160,000 light years away, where a massive star exploded in the distant past.

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