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The Truth About 1k Daily Profit Crypto Trading Bot In 7 Minutes

With so many fraudulent trading bots which are currently preying on users, finding a crypto trading bot whose use won’t result in the loss of investors’ money isn’t easy. Before settling on such automated trading software, it’s best to conduct plenty of research in order to avoid the many scams out there.

With this in mind, we have investigated the 1k Daily Profit bot and unearthed quite a few pieces of evidence that leave no room for doubt – unfortunately, this is indeed just another trading bot scam. And here is how we know that.

  1.  Multiple suspicious websites

The first telltale sign associated with these scams is having multiple product websites. Therefore, seeing that 1k Daily Profit has at least three official websites raises suspicion right at the start. Usually, there’s no reason for a legitimate product to feature more than one website.

What happened here is that scammers behind these bots are simultaneously running at least several trading bot cons. Once one of their scams is busted or is no longer bringing profit, they refurbish one or more websites to serve as the official website for another scam.


How do we know that it’s the same scammers behind quite a few different bots (and not just we, for instance, CryptoDaily arrived at the same conclusion in their 1k Daily Profit review)? It’s because the bots’ websites are so similar, both design and content-wise. If you take a look at the websites of, let’s say, Bitcoin Loophole, Anon System, or Bitcoin Champion (all proven scams), you’ll find a peculiar similarity. Therefore, there is already a serious red flag.

  1.  Unrealistic promises and lack of relevant information

One thing that all trading bot scammers do is make, frankly, ridiculous promises about their ‘product’. So, 1k Daily Profit, as the name suggests, is supposed to make you $1000 a day. This is an obvious lie, as the technology isn’t anywhere near being able to make predictions on such a consistent basis.

Sure, high-quality trading bots, such as 3Commas, which was praised in CryptoDaily’s 3Commas review, can indeed assist you with making a profit. However, they don’t promise such high returns. If there actually was a bot that could make that money singlehandedly, it would be all over the news and we’d all be rich. But, there isn’t anyone reporting about 1k Daily Profit’s “revolutionary technology” that, by the way, is completely shrouded in mystery, with no details about it provided (because it doesn’t exist).

And when it comes to the lack of details, the same goes for alleged top-notch security measures and brokers. Just what kind of security is installed? They don’t say. Are cryptocurrency brokers regulated? No info. And we’re supposed to place money and trust in their hands. Sure thing.


  1.  Negative user reviews

Finally, it’s time to check user reviews on Trustpilot. As expected, we’re greeted by a warning from Trustpilot, whose moderators have removed a number of fake positive reviews.

As for the remaining reviews, there are lots of them, they rated 1k Daily Profit with 1/5 star, and they recount some alarming experiences. Not only is this a filthy scam, but if you leave your phone number when registering on one of their websites, you can expect to receive many calls urging you to place the minimum $250 deposit (which is the goal of all these scams).

Things might get even uglier. For instance, due to her accent, one of the reviewers was threatened that she would be reported to the police and deported if she didn’t do what the scammers told her. These are the kind of people that belong behind bars, no question about it.

Final words

Unfortunately, 1k Daily Profit is just another in the long line of fraudulent crypto trading bots. Checking user reviews and following reliable websites like our own and will protect you.

Moreover, most of these scams exhibit the same red flags. So, if you notice that there are multiple websites for a single trading bot and that it’s offering ludicrous profits while providing little to no information about its trading algorithm and security, you can bet that it’s a scam. Don’t fall for it. 

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