Top 10 Most Popular Articles in January

Top 10 Most Popular Articles in January

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Welcome to a new series here at Fintech Nexus. We publish dozens of articles every month and I always think it is interesting to see what catches our audience’s attention. So, here we have the top 10 most viewed articles from our site in January.

  1. The Future of On Demand Pay and Earned Wage Access – This was a guest post from Jason Lee, the co-founder of DailyPay, the leading earned wage access platform. He makes the case that earned wages are employees’ money and should be tracked carefully. He introduced his new company, Salt Labs, also targeted at workers but on savings rather than spending.
  2. Consumer lending fintech leaders look ahead to 2024 – I interviewed the CEOs of several consumer fintech lenders to get their thoughts on 2024. These leading execs answered three questions around new initiatives, the impact of high interest rates and the top issue for the industry in 2024.
  3. Will Embedded Finance Make Software Companies the New Community Banks? – This guest post is by Luke Voiles, the CEO of Pipe (look for my podcast with Luke coming out next week) and he talked about the changing small business landscape. Vertical SaaS companies know their small business customers better than any community bank which means they are well positioned to provide cost efficient access to capital.
  4. Plaid is Everywhere in Fintech Today – I chatted with Eric Sager, the COO of Plaid, and asked him a bunch of questions about Plaid’s role in financial services today. Plaid has come a long since launching its bank connectivity platform and now have services covering lending, fraud, real-time payments, data ownership and more.
  5. The API Economy’s Impact on Banking Operations – My piece on Plaid set up perfectly for another guest post, this one on the API economy that has been created in financial services, courtesy of Plaid and others. It provides banks and fintechs the opportunity to fundamentally improve the customer experience across many products.
  6. Goldman bids farewell to consumer banking push – This article was from back in July and has been in our top 10 list ever since. While Goldman really has given up on becoming a consumer bank they are still a company that people pay attention and search a lot on Google (which is why it is still in the top 10 six months later).
  7. 2024 Update on Silicon Valley Bank: Fintech Focus Persists While Competition Heats Up – This is from a new writer for us, Katherine Heires, who did a deep dive into SVB and the state of their venture debt business today. She found a healthy bank that operates in a more competitive market today that in previous years.
  8. Steve Allocca, Managing Director, US & President of Funding Circle on small business lending – My podcast with Steve Allocca, the head of Funding Circle US, continues to get solid interest since it was published in early January. Steve has deep history in fintech and has more expertise on small business lending than just about anybody.
  9. LatAm fintechs expect more benign conditions in 2024 – From our Argentina-based correspondent, David Feliba, he provided commentary from some of the leading fintechs in the region. After enduring a couple of challenging years most expect better economic conditions across Latin America in 2024.
  10. Siddhartha Jajodia, U.S. CEO and Chief Banking Officer of Revolut on creating a global digital bank – Sneaking into the top 10 is my December interview with Sid Jajodia, the CEO of Revolut US. Revolut is probably the leading global digital bank and they are serious about the US market.

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