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Toyota’s line-up of TRD Pro models are hard to miss with all of their off-road accoutrement and the special sound coming from the exhaust. However, for some that’s not enough so Toyota picks a special standout color each year and for 2024 it will be … Terra.

TRD Pro Solar Octane Model Year 2023 REL
Toyota’s TRD Pro color for 2023 is Solar Octane. The company picks an special color each year.

The Japanese automaker released the first look at the new color on the 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro Terra Friday, and while it’s clear it’s a change from this year’s Solar Octane, the initial picture doesn’t give you a clear look at it.

What’s safe to say is that anyone buying a vehicle in this color is looking to separate themselves from the pack. 

“Anyone who picks this color is not looking to blend in,” said Benjamin Jimenez, general manager of Toyota’s Calty Design Research team. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the group selects a new color each year.

Adding some punch

Designers are often looking for a punch of color, and it’s safe to say, the colors selected each year by the Calty team definitely deliver a punch. Past colors include 2016’s Quicksand, 2019’s Voodoo Blue, 2022’s Lime Rush and 2023’s Solar Octane, which is a blaring orange with hint of red in it. 

TRD Pro Lime Rush Model Year 2022 on 4Runner REL
Toyota’s select color for 2022 was Lime Rush, as seen on the 4Runner.

“When we decide on a color, there is a whole team involved. We work with the planning group, marketing, engineers, manufacturing … it really takes a whole team.” said Sellene Lee, CMF senior lead designer at Calty’s Newport Beach, California office. “It’s a fun challenge to find that sweet spot where everyone’s vision lines up.”

Available only on select TRD Pro series vehicles each model year, the exclusive color is a testament to the uniqueness of the TRD Pro series. These vehicles are crafted with a perfect blend of power, toughness and style — their character enhanced by the option to experience them in a distinctive exterior hue.

“There are four different silhouettes (Tundra, Sequoia, 4Runner, Tacoma), and they all share the same color,” Jimenez said, “so we need to ensure that it will look good on each vehicle.”

Picking a color isn’t simple and it involves culling input from a variety of sources, including consumers and the team’s creative eyes. The goal is to develop a signature hue that creates an identity that embodies the TRD Pro drivers’ spirit of adventure and love of the outdoors. 

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