What Are Cowling Safety Pins?

What Are Cowling Safety Pins?

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Aircraft cowlings must be secured so that they don’t open or fall off during flight. Most jet-engine airplanes, of course, have removable coverings over their engines. Known as cowlings, they reduce drag, improve airflow and promote cooling. If you own or operate an airplane with cowlings, however, you may want to invest in a set of cowling safety pins.

The Basics of Cowling Safety Pins

Cowling safety pins are pin-based locking mechanisms that are designed for use with aircraft cowlings. Also known simply as cowling pins, they are essentially fasteners for aircraft cowlings. You can use them to secure cowlings on jet engines.

Why Use Cowling Safety Pins

When secured with cowling safety pins, you don’t have to worry about aircraft cowlings falling off. Aircraft cowlings serve several purposes. For starters, they prevent dust and debris from entering the airplane’s engines. Without cowlings, dust and debris may enter the airplane’s engines and interfere with the combustion process. Cowling safety pins prevent this from happening by securing the cowlings on the airplane’s engines.

Cowling safety pins also protect the airplane’s engines from potential damage. Jet engines can sustain catastrophic damage if they lose their cowlings during flight. Therefore, they are often secured with special retaining clips or fasteners, such as cowling safety pins.

How to Use Cowling Safety Pins

Even if you’re unfamiliar with them, you shouldn’t have any trouble using cowling safety pins. They feature a simple method of operation that doesn’t require any tools.

Cowling safety pins typically consist of a single and solid piece of metal that’s shaped into a clip-like pin. One end features a built-in spring from the coiled metal, whereas the other end features the locking mechanism. The locking mechanism has a pair of prongs. You can pull the two prongs apart to disengage the locking mechanism and, thus, open the cowling safety pins Alternatively, you can push and the two prongs together to close and lock the cowling safety pin.

Common Features of Cowling Safety Pins

There are different types of cowling safety pins, but many of them share some common features. They are typically made of steel, for instance. With their steel construction, cowling safety pins will last a long time. They can withstand the harsh environment of high-altitude flights — all while ensuring the cowlings don’t fall off the engines with which they are used.

Many cowling safety pins also have a cadmium surface treatment. They are still made of steel, but they are covered in a thin layer of cadmium. This cadmium plating acts as an additional layer of protection. It shields the cowling safety pin’s underlying steel so that it’s better protected against corrosion, chemicals and other environmental elements.

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