Where to find the first Old Document in Persona 3 Reload

Where to find the first Old Document in Persona 3 Reload

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Elizabeth has dozens of requests in Persona 3 Reload that are a bit cryptic, and one of the stranger ones is the first Old Document. If you’re scratching your head with this request then don’t worry because here’s the answer you need.

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How to get the first Old Document in Persona 3 Reload

The first Old Document is found on the 22nd floor of Tartarus. It doesn’t matter which day you head here as it’s really hard to miss. As soon as you reach the 22nd floor, you’ll likely be stopped from progressing through Tartarus until the next major story beat. But this room is tiny and the chest containing the first Old Document can be found in the center.

As soon as you have free reign to explore Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload, you can go get the first Old Document. I wouldn’t advise rushing through each floor to get to it though. Again, there’s no time constraint for getting to this floor outside of the game’s usual pacing. The item will still be there until it’s time for you to grab it.

Persona 3 Reload First Old Document Location
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With that said, the sooner you can grab the first Old Document in Persona 3 Reload the better. This request rewards you with 10,000 Yen. That’s likely to be at least double the amount of money you have at the early point of the game. You can use this money to equip your party with better weapons and armor. And that’s something you’ll need to do as Persona 3 Reload gets harder.

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There are a few easy requests to complete for Elizabeth alongside this one. But the easiest of them all is by far the first request for bringing her a Muscle Drink. This request gives you five Soul Drops, which are SP restoration items. And these are rare in the early hours of Persona 3 Reload. So get as many as you can and save them for when your SP meter runs dry.

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