Why Soccer is the One of the Best Sports to Bet On

When it comes to sports betting there is one sport that is far more popular than all the others, soccer. With over 4 billion fans worldwide soccer is not only the most popular sport in the world, but it’s also the most popular sport to bet on, especially in South Africa. We’re going to take a brief look into why so many sports bettors love having a bet on soccer.

Soccer is simple

Soccer is an incredibly easy game to understand, 2 teams of 11 players, playing with a single ball for 90 minutes, with the aim of scoring more goals than the opponent. Yes there are other rules like offside, cards, handball etc that can complicate things, but at it’s core soccer is all about putting the ball in the back of the net. After 90 minutes the match can only end in a win or a draw.

It has the best leagues and wide TV coverage

Thanks to competitions like the English Premier League, Champions League and the World Cup there are very few other sports can compete with the quality of soccer on an international and domestic level. There are several leagues throughout the world that are televised internationally and fans can easily follow these on TV or via a streaming service. Which is very crucial when it comes to betting as sports bettors can enjoy the thrill of watching the matches they’ve bet on, instead of just waiting for the post game results.

A Wide Variety of Soccer Betting Options

Soccer is king when it comes to choosing what to bet on for an upcoming match. South African sports betting sites like Betway, Sportingbet and Hollywoodbets offer over 200 different soccer betting markets. Sports bettors can places bets on how many corners, goals, cards, shots or throw ins there will be in a match, as well as being able to bet on which team will win or if the match will be a draw, plus hundreds more. Some bookies even take market requests, so if there’s something you’d like to bet on and don’t see it then don’t be afraid to ask them to price it up.

Live Soccer Betting

In the old days you could only bet on a match before the game, called prematch betting. Fortunately things have changed for better, and for the last few years sports bettors have been able to bet on live soccer matches, while the match is taking place! Live soccer betting is now so popular that every decent bookmaker offers it.

If you see your favourite player taking shot after shot but not finding the back of the net, then you can back to score a goal. If the match has been close but a key player goes off injured or there is a red card then you can take advantage of the situation by making some strategic bets. Live soccer betting is a gamechanger and gives the punter a good edge against the bookies, hopefully resulting in the bet winning!

Soccer Betting Features

There are some great features available for soccer punters to make use of in order to improve their chances of winning a bet. The most popular feature is cash out, which allows you to close out your bet early for a profit, or give you a portion of your stake back if it looks like your bet will lose.

Another popular feature available at Betway and Hollywoodbets is the same match bet builder, which let’s you add several markets or bets from a single match into one bet, giving you a much higher return on your stake. For example you could bet on Manchester United to win the match, score 1 or more goals, win 3 or more corners and have no yellow cards. The opportunities that these bet builders offer are endless!

The Best Soccer Betting Sites in South Africa

We’ve looked at a few reasons why soccer betting is so popular, but what are the best and most popular soccer betting sites in South Africa? At Best Sports Betting we recommend the following sites for placing your soccer bets, as they offer the best markets, excellent odds and have an easy to use interface;

There are numerous other soccer betting sites in South Africa, and if you’d like to see a full list then we recommend a look through our comprehensive list of betting sites in SA. You can also find reviews for all of South Africa’s top bookmakers in our review section.

More on Soccer Betting

Are you a soccer bettor? Let us know in the comments below why you love soccer betting over betting on other sports.

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