Raj Kapoor, Renowned India Blockchain Expert, Joins NexBloc as a Strategic Advisor

Mr. Kapoor will concentrate on partnerships and expanding the NexBloc group of companies in India and Asia.

xBloc today announced that Raj Kapoor, Founder of the India Blockchain Alliance and a top expert in blockchain and decentralization, will join its Board of Advisors effective immediately. Mr. Kapoor joins other leaders such as Tom Barrett, Bryan Feinberg, Aron Dutta and Parikshit Mehta to help shape the future of decentralized domain naming for a Web 3.0 future.

Dana Farbo, Founder of NexBloc, stated that “Raj is highly respected throughout the world for his leadership in the blockchain and decentralized space. We are honored to have him on our Board of Advisors as we look to make the new internet a safe and user-friendly area that builds upon the advances of Web 2.0.

NexBloc is developing infrastructure for the decentralized web with their domain naming system (dDNS) to make Web 3.0 a usable ecosystem of connected websites and applications. They use an omnichain approach by creating root domains on core blockchains and then interconnecting any blockchain for use of a consistent naming path.

With NexBloc’s strong development and investor relations group in India, Mr. Kapoor will help drive Private Label partnerships and investment as NexBloc expands its offering for specific regions. “I see NexBloc as an integral part of India’s future as they build out decentralized services and expand their presence here. They are changing how we control our personal digital lives and I look forward to supporting them not just in India but across the world”, said Mr. Kapoor.

About NexBloC

NexBloc is building the next generation of the internet with decentralized DNS at the core. Digital entities tied to the decentralized web are the future of personal data protection and use.

Founded as a USA company in 2020, NexBloc uses technology stacks to create custom deployments of dDNS systems. They currently have over ten private decentralized top-level domains (dTLD) in various forms of deployment.

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