A Comprehensive Guide on Market Basket Analysis

This article was published as a part of the Data Science Blogathon Overview This comprehensive guide will instigate you to the world of Market Basket Analysis along with an implementation using Python on a dataset. Market Basket Analysis will help you to design different store Layouts. Introduction Nowadays Machine Learning is helping the Retail Industry in many different ways. You can imagine that from forecasting the performance of sales to identify the buyers, there are many applications of machine learning(ML) in the retail industry. “Market Basket Analysis” is one of the

Listing Mirror Integrates with Wish, Making It Easier for Sellers to…

Listing Mirror continues to be agile and responsive to the feedback of our clients, and we are happy to add another channel integration at no additional cost. SOUTH BEND, Ind. (PRWEB) September 15, 2021 Listing Mirror has introduced an integration with Wish that allows its online sellers to automatically sync product listings to the popular shopping platform. Listing Mirror users are now able to replicate and update their listing data without manual entry, enabling them to drive more sales with less work. Without multi-channel ecommerce software like Listing Mirror, online

Raising the bar for security with Ledger Swap

08/16/2021 | Vault With Ledger Swap you can exchange coins in Ledger Live, easily and securely. Swapping coins is as easy as sending a transaction. It requires no address verification while enhancing the state of the art security. Ledger swap showcases the power of end-to-end security built right into Ledger Live and your Ledger hardware wallet. What is swap? Swap allows users to quickly exchange one crypto asset for another. It doesn’t require you to move your funds to an exchange first and then trade your asset with a supported

Cambodian Central Banker Serey Chea Among Select Few Joining AFIN’s Advisory Board

The ASEAN Financial Innovation Network (AFIN) announced the appointment of H.E Serey Chea, Prof. Olayinka David-West as advisors and Latha Ayyar as an independent director to its board.Through their respective roles, they will bring in invaluable expertise in financial platforms, innovation and digital technologies to propel the growth of AFIN and its flagship product, API Exchange (APIX). APIX is a global cloud-based digital platform with a focus on financial inclusion, that enables financial institutions and fintechs to discover one another on a curated global marketplace, design experiments collaboratively in the

An AI-Based Framework Solution to Address Email Management Challenges

An AI-Based Framework Solution to Address Email Management Challenges = Previous post Next post =>    Tags: AI, Automation, Expert.ai, NLP Expert.ai’s Edge NL API is an on-premise API that can perform NLU tasks with no required training or extra work, offering advanced, out-of-the-box capabilities that address common use cases and can be easily customized to your specific needs. Sponsored Post. By Filiberto Emanuele Billions of emails are sent and received every day. They are one of our primary sources of communication and are critical to everyday life. However, we

Thetica Systems Offers New ElastiCloud API for Structured Finance

Thetica Systems Thetica ElastiCloud API …automatically enable resources to switch on for peak usage demands and turn off when jobs are done. CRESSKILL, N.J. (PRWEB) July 28, 2021 Thetica Systems, long-time provider of custom pricing and analytics for structured finance, announces the launch of a significant new module for its proprietary infrastructure. Clients now benefit from Thetica ElastiCloud API to automate resource management and reduce the costs of their cloud operation. Calculations for structured finance portfolios can be very resource-intensive, especially where clients use complex scenarios, run many bonds in

Everything you need to know about Blockchain Programming

Table of Contents 4.6 / 5 ( 5 votes ) We are used to the traditional involvement of a middleman or a broker when it comes to money or things bought with money. Well it doesn’t exactly stop there. Money is not the only asset that sees the controlling authority apart from the owner, data joined the party majorly since user generated content became the defining component of web 2.0 controlled by leading parties like Facebook. In such a system where the central authority is technically the owners of the