Lufthansa offers additional flights to sunny destinations for autumn holidays

The high demand for flights to leisure destinations continues into the upcoming autumn holidays. After August, October shows the highest increase in bookings to sunny, European destinations. As a result, Lufthansa is expanding its flight program to popular sunny destinations even further. The most important European vacation destinations will now be served with more than 80 additional flights from Frankfurt Rhein-Main Airport and over 50 additional flights from Munich. Lufthansa destinations in Spain are particularly in high demand. Therefore, the airline is now offering additional flights to Palma de Mallorca, Gran

Turku Airport (Finland) receives Caravelle Monument

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Sud SE-210 Caravelle III SE-DAF at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport © Alan Lebeda on Wikimedia The plane from the time of the early jet flight was parked at Stockholm Arlanda for 47 years. Now it gets a new home in Turku – but still outdoors. A 32-meter-long Caravelle, which began Finnish jet travel in the 1960s, will be exhibited in Turku. The aircraft will be exhibited at the southwestern exit from Turku Airport in connection with renovation work at the terminal. The plane is a French-made Sud Aviation SE210

Air New Zealand to introduce ‘no jab, no fly’ for international travellers

Air New Zealand is asking customers to get ready for international travel by getting vaccinated. From 1 February 2022, the airline will require customers travelling anywhere on its international network to be fully vaccinated. “We’re getting ready to reconnect with the world and letting customers know what they need to do to be ready to take off when we can,” says Air New Zealand’s Chief Executive Officer Greg Foran. “Being vaccinated against COVID-19 is the new reality of international travel –many of the destinations Kiwis want to visit are already

Egyptair’s first commercial flight lands in Israel

The first commercial flight of the Egyptian national airline, Egyptair touched down in Israel this Sunday at noon. As is the tradition, the plane was sprayed with water on its arrival on the tarmac. From today, the company will offer four flights per week between Cairo and Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. Since the signing of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel in 1979, Egypt has created the company Air Sinai to exclusively serve flights between Egypt and Israel, but Egyptair had never scheduled a flight to Israel until

Inspiration4 crew describes “incredible perspective” from space

The Inspiration4 crew downlinks a live update from SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft. Credit: SpaceX On their final full day in space Friday, the all-civilian Inspiration4 crew circling Earth inside a SpaceX Dragon capsule chatted with Tom Cruise, rang the closing bell on the New York Stock Exchange, and downlinked a live video update showing views outside their cupola dome window. The crew members demonstrated acrobatic spins in the microgravity environment aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft, described scientific experiments that are part of the mission, and showed off artistic efforts,

Chinese crew landing caps record-setting day in human spaceflight

Shenzhou 12 astronauts Tang Hongbo, Liu Boming, and Nie Haisheng outside their landing capsule Friday. Credit: Xinhua Three Chinese astronauts landed in the remote Gobi Desert of northwestern China Friday, returning to Earth after a three-month mission on the new Tiangong space station, and ending a historic day in spaceflight that set a new record with 14 people in low Earth orbit. With the return of China’s Shenzhou 12 crew Friday, 11 people remained in orbit — seven on the International Space Station and four on a SpaceX Crew Dragon

3 Innovations That Improve Aircraft Cleanliness

A recent study determined that consumer travel choices are based on aircraft cleanliness as much as price. To meet these heightened demands, it’s imperative that aircraft interior manufacturers consider new methods during the design phase to improve cleanliness onboard.  Learn about three key hygienic innovations that could be implemented in your aircraft interior production process that still meet passenger preferences for comfort, safety and privacy.Touchless LavatoriesAircraft lavatories are a common point of concern for passengers when it comes to cleanliness. Though flight crews have strict rules for sanitation, it is

Do Your Aircraft Interior Designs Improve Utility?

As aircraft interiors continue to evolve, better meeting consumer preferences for comfort and connectivity, it’s a good idea for design engineers to keep in mind how their designs can also improve aircraft interior utility.Take a look at certain innovations to ensure your designs measure up.Aircraft Interior GalleysIn an effort to make the most of allotted space on a widebody aircraft, galleys are being redesigned to offer increased storage and usability. For example, certain galley unit concepts may offer:Shredders to reduce food waste spaceMobile drinks dispenserOverhead rails for flight attendant comfortThese

A Lifelong US Dollar Downtrend Paints Bullish Outlook for Bitcoin

The US dollar is on track for its most significant monthly performance since July 2019. But it continues to feel the pressure from its all-time bearish outlook. Why? A monthly chart of the US dollar index (DXY), a barometer to gauge its performance against a basket of top foreign currencies, shows the greenback in a lifelong downtrend. So it appears, the index has been trending lower inside a Descending Channel, as confirmed by more than two lower highs and lower lows. DXY pulls back after testing the upper trendline of

Digital Asset Daily with Mati Greenspan

Well, it seems that's just what's happening here. To be fair, the small economy of Hong Kong has been double shafted. First by months of protest and now from epidemic. It seems the situation is so bad that liquidity injections into the financial markets will no longer cut the tape, they're now pulling out the big guns. The idea of free money for all is hardly a new concept. Popularly known as Helicopter Money, it was first proposed by our good friend and Nobel Libertarian Milton Friedman during the summer of 1969.