The VetCoin Foundation Announces the Sale of VetCoin for November 11, 2021

The VetCoin Foundation announced today the public sale of VetCoin, a new cryptocurrency designed by veterans to harness the power of cryptocurrency to connect, enable, and transform veteran communities.  According to Aaron Bazin, president of the VetCoin Foundation, “The idea of VetCoin is a simple, we want to harness the power of the blockchain to give back to our service members and their families. The community is already there all we have to do is bring it onto the blockchain and enable them to use VetCoin in their everyday lives.” The foundation for the use case of VetCoin, is its smartphone app that is designed to bring the Veteran community and their families onto the blockchain in a simple, easy-to-understand way. Once on the app, veterans will be able to connect veterans to each other, veteran services, and retailers that offer military discounts.  In addition to creating new access to blockchain for over 20 million U.S. Veterans, VetCoin seeks to transform the lives of veterans worldwide.

Why VetCoin?

Throughout history, as people went off to war, they returned changed, often not for the better. All things considered, it is a tragedy that today, when a service member takes off the uniform, they face life challenges that range from difficulty transition to civilian life to homelessness and mental health issues. Every year on Veteran’s Day, VetCoin will recognize the most innovative Veteran’s Charity in America with the “Burell Award for Outstanding Support to the Veteran Community.” As users buy, sell, and trade VetCoin, a small percentage also goes into a fully transparent donation wallet.  The community of VetCoin holders vote on how these funds are distributed to make sure VetCoin reinforces success in the network of charities and organizations that help veterans and their families.

How VetCoin Works

VetCoin is an ERC-1155 token on the secure Polygon blockchain which uses a proof-of-stake mechanism to ensure security and transparency as a layer 2 solution to help scale the Ethereum

network. VetCoin offers deflationary tokenomics, static rewards, and automatic liquidity. It also funds the community donation wallet. With this design, VetCoin users will pay only low gas fees, allowing them to use VetCoin in their everyday lives and access special discounts with major retailers and veteran-owned businesses.

A Grass-Roots Community Driven Project

VetCoin is not just for veterans it is for anyone that wants to support veteran communities. For more information about the VetCoin Foundation and the VetCoin sale, please visit

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Source: Plato Data Intelligence