Veteran, Los Angeles based talent manager and founder Adrian Swish releases Music NFT Project to Launch his Web 3.0 Music Distribution + NFT w/ Web 2 integration platform called “Digital Currensy Inc.”

The Chairmen – Beat Art Gallery” project features music spanning across a multitude of genres to integrate the current world of music into the emerging world of web3, cryptocurrency, and AR/VR. It will also announce the launch of Digital Currensy Inc. 3.0. On Feb 6, 2022

In 2018 Adrian Swish released the white paper for Digital Currensy Inc., detailing his idea of the evolution of music distribution utilizing blockchain technology. At the time he did not have the funds to build on the idea so he focused on building a strong community and educating himself on the web 3.0 and crypto space. Through the power of technology and innovation, Digital Currensy was able to align with our tech partner in Milan Cheeks, Founder of Mirror Image Network through the connection of NFT Expert Eric Spivak to fast track the concept to translate into web 3.0.

Why Digital Currensy Matters

Digital Currensy matters to the artist because first and foremost, we are Artist Advocates that will revolutionize how artists and creators get paid through faster royalties payouts, including the ability for fans to contribute or donate to their favorite artist’s career or campaign. Our smart music marketplace will be the first music marketplace where musicians can sell and purchase music, merchandise, and music services from some of our creators and music industry service providers with no middlemen.

Digital Currensy matters to the music fans/investors because we are using emerging technologies, that will secure our place in the future of the music industry as the most scalable, transparent, secure, and artist-oriented distribution platform with the most competitive payouts and technology to market themselves in multiple metaverses

Digital Currensy matters to Apple Music / Spotify because we are a Partner that understands that the music industry is constantly evolving and our relationships with the digital service providers are essential now more than ever, working together to achieve visibility and awareness for artists on our platform through traditional web2 distribution and playlisting.

“I am excited to participate in cutting edge technology like web3 and NFT’s in real time because it enables me to see the flaws in several industries which made want to do my part to help correct some of those flaws through education and onboarding my peers, people of influence, and underprivileged people to web3”. – – Adrian Swish

“By Investing and participating in Crypto, NFT’s, and Virtual Real estate i am able to change the course of my family’s trajectory to obtain generational wealth for the first time in my family’s history”. Adrian Swish

Digital Currensy inc. 3.0 website will offer:
  1. Mint ERC 1155 or ERC 720 NFTS, Music NFTS, Videos
  2. Mint Photorealistic Avatars – Create Photorealistic Avatars for metaverse concerts, appearances, movies, meet and greets, etc.
  3. Create Social Token
  4. Smart Music Marketplace – Each artist can sell music or merch through our smm marketplace
  5. Metaverse Ready Merch – Each artist has the ability to create their own merch as wearable NFTs.
  6. Splits – ARTIST – 93% / DISTRO – 7%

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