Why should a Finn choose a licensed online casino?

Finnish players have several good reasons to choose a licensed online casino. A licensed casino offers security and reliability, which is why it is one of the most popular options for Finnish players. Granting a license requires the casino to commit to strict rules and guidelines that create a safe gaming environment for all players.

When you choose a licensed online casino, you can be sure that it follows legal agreements and that the results of the games are random and fair. Licenses also guarantee that your money is always safe and you can easily get it into your account whenever you want. In matters of data security, you will also be helped by the customer support staff, who will receive your Feedback and be able to solve questions related to possible problems.

Tax-free winnings for Finnish players

As the experts of the site know how to tell, Finnish players should prefer such online casinos that have a gaming license issued in the European Economic Area. Most often, it is a license issued by the gaming authorities of Malta or Estonia. Winnings made at such online casinos are tax-free income for Finns – that is, they do not need to be separately marked on the tax return, regardless of the size of the winning amount.

Casinos can also have a license issued by the gambling authorities of Great Britain or Curacao, for example, but in this case it is no longer covered by the common agreements of the European Economic Area. Winnings from such a casino are therefore taxable income and the player is obliged to report them to the taxman.

Guaranteed safe gaming environment

The game license is an important part of the security of the online casino. The license is not granted to the gambling company on very flimsy grounds, but it must commit to complying with a long list of required rules. For example, a gaming license ensures that the online casino offers a fair game. For example, winnings must be completely random and the casino is obliged to use a random number generator for them.

The casino’s winnings and deposit management are closely monitored to eradicate possible scams and information leaks. When looking for a suitable new online casino, you can usually trust the safety of a licensed site. The operation is then monitored and the license is typically easily found by the player on the site.

What other features does the Game License guarantee?

Obtaining a game license is not particularly easy, and it is also not just kept like that forever. Gaming authorities carry out regular inspections to monitor the continuation of honest operations even after the license has been granted. Taking care of players’ safety includes, among other things, protecting their personal data. The casino must pay the players’ winnings as agreed and on schedule, and it is obliged to verify their identity to prevent money laundering.

The casino must commit to the principles of responsible gaming, especially when applying for a Malta gaming license. Most online casinos have included a section for responsible gambling on their sites. On this page you can find, for example, useful links to external parties that help with game problems, as well as various tools for limiting your own gaming.

Casino advertising is also closely monitored and the rules regarding it are quite strict. Advertising must always be truthful and may only be practiced in areas where it is legal. In Finland, for example, online casinos are not allowed to advertise their services

In order to get and keep a license, the casino must therefore really commit to taking care of the well-being of its players, which is naturally in the interest of all parties. Preferring licensed casinos is therefore quite reasonable for Finnish players, because they know that they will receive their winnings tax-free and that they can trust the security of the site.

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