Blockchain Analytics Platform Antinalysis Suspends Service

A service created to aid dark web users in uncovering compromised BTC addresses has been shut down after gaining the attention of state regulators. 


Antinalysis, a blockchain analytics tool that allows Bitcoin addresses to e checked to criminal activity has suspended operations. According to Elliptic, the tool allows cryptocurrency launderers to see if funds will be tagged as illegal funds by regulated exchanges before making a transaction. 

Elliptic provides regulated cryptocurrency exchanges tools to check customers’ deposit links to any illegal or illicit activity they may be connected to. On the flip side, Antinalysis was created to circumvent this step by assigning a risk score to a transaction and the chances a transaction to a specific exchange or wallet would expose their identity. This allows for money laundered to test their own methods by screening their own cryptocurrency wallets. This step significantly reduces the risk of making a deposit at an exchange that might be flagged as unlawful. 


After Elliptic’s initial report, co-founder Dr. Tim Robinson tweeted that the website for Antinalysis and its services have been suspended until further notice. Robinson also says that Antinalysis “claim that they suffered an ‘unlawful, warranted seizure’ of their data source.” In speaking with BBC News, Robinson says that “We’re seeing criminals start to fight back against blockchain analytics and this service is a first. It’s called Antinalysis and criminals are now able to check their own Bitcoin wallets and see whether any association with criminal activity could be flagged by authorities.” Dr. Robinson adds that the tool makes blockchain analytic available to the masses for the first time and allows crypto users who are concerned about unknowingly business with criminals. “To date, this type of analysis has been used primarily by regulated financial service providers,” Robinson adds. 

Response from Incognito Team

In a separate post, cyber-reporter for BBC News, Joe Tidy, says he was contracted by the team behind Antinalysis and Incognito Marketplace, Incognito Team. The claimed technical administrator of the team, Pharaoh, states that the team considered themselves activists. Pharaoh adds that the group dislikes state agencies that conduct mass surveillance under the guise of national security. Pharaoh adds that “Our team believes, that in the current democratic world, everyone last human being has the right to do whatever they want and possess complete overview of their privacy while not violating individual rights of others.”

Dr. Robinson did admit that the tool is open for use by anyone, not just criminals, but, was created by one of the administrators of the darknet marketplace for narcotics named incognito. Illegal products can be purchased on Incognito using Bitcoin and Monero


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