Crypto Exchange KuCoin Global Storytelling Agenda

KuCoin is one of the flagship crypto exchanges. It is famous for its advanced level of security and ease of use to transact and store cryptocurrencies. The crypto exchange features multi-layered security that serves alongside micro-withdrawal wallets, industry-standard multi-layered encryption and a top-tier multi-factor authentication.  

With its level of diligence, KuCoin has earned its rightful place as the number one crypto exchange. It provides ultra-modern operations to allow users to trade enormous volumes while levelling up through the top of the line provisions. 

The leading altcoin exchange 

A home of hidden gems, KuCoin is discovering more than 400 promising blockchain startups, most of which struggled to secure a primary listing. Some projects are only available on KuCoin and are already doing so well. 

The platform is an enabler for development, proactively empowering various projects and contributing to the long-term growth of those in their early stage of existence. This is enabled by interventions such as incubation, funding, and KuCoin Labs that the crypto exchange has so generously initiated and gone further to provide them with a listing.   

Biggest social trading platform

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Since its launching in 2017, KuCoin has managed to attract more than 8 million customers worldwide. It is the biggest social trading platform, providing all-around social trading features that allow users to engage each other, like liking, following, commenting, and sharing important information. Through this social networking provision, traders and investors benefit from the insight that helps them make informed decisions. Making better trading decisions is facilitated by suggestions and advice from millions of users on the platform. 

Adding to that, users also get trusted news feeds on crypto matters to keep them updated on what is happening in the industry. The information, free of any bias, is diversified and reliable to keep traders abreast of real-time moves in token prices, new listings, trending coins, and sector and portfolio analyses, among other news and topics happening in the crypto world. 

The crypto exchange also added to its stockpile as a social trading platform courtesy of its simplified trading process and increased return rate. KuCoin users have the opportunity to monitor and learn from the trading strategies employed by more successful users. This helps them meet and even surpass their risk/return expectations, an outcome that has been tried and tested by the market. 

People’s exchange

The crypto exchange is the surefire solution for all crypto traders, investors, and enthusiasts. KuCoin was obviously built for everyone, as evidenced by the many crypto-related products featured on the crypto exchange platform for users’ convenience despite their investor category. 

As if that is not enough impression even for the average user, the flagship crypto exchange also boasts a global availability with 24/7 support to users in their language of choice. Users can use their preferred channel for witnessing world-class experiences to develop their own trading and investing skills.