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Tel Aviv, New York & London; October 19, 2023: In the wake of the recent catastrophic and unprecedented attack that was launched at Israel by Hamas on and beyond October 7, Ahavat Yisroel Humanity Inc. has launched an urgent fundraising appeal in order to provide much-needed support and supplies to the thousands of Israeli citizens affected.

The Israel Now, Israel Forever appeal is seeking donations to provide the many affected citizens with food, shelter, and urgent suppliers.

The donations will be shared among four established and experienced relief organisations based in Israel. Each charity has people on-the-ground and resources, and are already helping as many people as possible.

The four charities are Karen Hayesod, Ezrat Achim, The Nitsanim Association, and Beit Hatavshil. More information on each charity can be found within ‘notes to editors’ below.

This appeal has been set-up by Ahavat Yisroel Humanity Inc., a reputable charity established in 2013, which provides support to Jewish individuals in distress. Now, it is acting as the umbrella organization for four charities in order to support the immediate crisis.

The Israel Now, Israel Forever appeal is able to accept donations in both fiat and in major cryptocurrencies. Its target is to raise $4.25m USD.

Donations are being managed by Endaoment (, because of the self- service, simple-to-use, always-on, and transparent platform they offer to philanthropic projects and donors. To date, Endaoment has raised nearly $60m USD for over 7,000 philanthropic projects across the globe.

Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel by land, by sea, and even by air (via paragliders), and embarked on an unprovoked and indiscriminate killing spree, torture, and abductions of men, women, and children in their homes, on the streets, and even at a nature party in the desert.

Rabbi Abraham Kaminer comments: “We have set-up this most urgent of appeals to help the many, many innocent victims of these most horrific atrocities. Many who survived the attacks have been left homeless and with no access to food, all the while mourning the loss of loved ones and dealing with severe psychological damage. They witnessed, first- hand, children running through the streets and cowering in bomb shelters after airstrikes, the merciless slaughtering of family and friends, and the terrifying screams of those taken as hostages. We plead with you to donate whatever you can, so we can bring some small elements of comfort to those most desperately in need.”

For more information and to donate to the Israel Now, Israel Forever appeal, please visit: