3v3 Shooter Contenders: Arena Announced

3v3 Shooter Contenders: Arena Announced

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A high-octane 3v3 arena shooter that features fluid, acrobatic movement, Gamecan has announced that Contenders: Arena will launch later this year.

Set in a high-stakes, futuristic game show, the world of Contenders: Arena puts the spotlight on adrenaline-fueled matches. The ultimate goal? Earn the fame and adoration of your fans, along with the favor of megacorporation sponsors.

Contenders: Arena features 3v3 team-based third-person combat, complete with deep Gladiator customization and builds fit for different play styles.

Gamecan founder and CEO Marten Palu said the following:

“Contenders: Arena is a highly competitive and thrilling experience from the start of every match, honed to feel rewarding through its stylish movement and combat system and deep customization for players to personalize their Gladiator’s appearance and how they play. Our seasoned team at Gamecan brings extensive industry experience from around the world and a passionate and agile focus to continue to work with the player community at every step to launch and beyond. We are thrilled to welcome players on this journey as we kick off our first look into the Contenders Universe next month.”Marten Palu

The team has also released the first episode of their dev diary series. Learn more about some of the team members Contenders: Arena below:

Contenders: Arena | Dev Diary | Episode 1

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Contenders: Arena will also be a part of Steam Next Fest from February 5-12. In the meantime, all those interested can wishlist the game via the official Contenders: Arena Steam page. Players can also join the conversation via the official Contenders: Arena Discord channel.

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