Flights of regret: Snap Pixy drone recall

Flights of regret: Snap Pixy drone recall

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Snap Pixy drone recall willl effect 71.000 units. Snap’s Pixy drone once promised soaring selfies and breathtaking views. However, this once-prominent flying companion now faces a sudden and unexpected recall.

Snap Pixy drone recall explained

Snap Inc.’s decision to recall its Pixy flying selfie camera drone is a result of a significant safety concern related to the batteries used in the product. Despite the product being discontinued just four months after its launch, the company has taken the bold step of recalling all Pixy drones sold, not just the removable batteries and here is why.

Snap Pixy drone recall revealed: Safety concerns force Snap Inc. to recall all 71,000 drones sold. Dive into the reasons, refund process, and more!
Snap Pixy drone recall affects a staggering 71,000 units, raising concerns about the safety of the product’s batteries (Image credit)


Snap introduced the Pixy drone, a distinctive yellow device with a rounded rectangle shape, with the goal of redefining the world of flying cameras. However, the venture proved short-lived, as Snap decided to abandon the Pixy drone just four months after its release, citing undisclosed reasons for discontinuation.

The trigger for the Snap Pixy drone recall

The Snap Pixy drone recall was prompted by a potential fire hazard associated with the Pixy drone’s batteries. Snap, in collaboration with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, issued a public warning advising Pixy owners to cease using the product immediately. The company specifically urged users to remove the battery and discontinue any charging activities due to concerns over battery bulging, fires, and even reports of minor injuries.

How to refund Snap Pixy drones

To address the issue, Snap is offering a full refund for both the Pixy drone and any batteries owned by consumers. Remarkably, no proof of purchase is required for the refund process, making it accessible even for those who received the Pixy as a gift. However, to qualify for the refund, consumers must return the entire drone (excluding batteries).

To initiate the refund process, affected consumers need to visit Snap’s website and fill out a form. The form typically requires the drone’s serial number for validation purposes. Upon completion, Snap pledges to email a prepaid return label to facilitate the return of the Pixy drone.

Snap Pixy drone recall revealed: Safety concerns force Snap Inc. to recall all 71,000 drones sold. Dive into the reasons, refund process, and more!
Despite being discontinued just four months after its launch, the Snap Pixy drone recall sheds light on undisclosed reasons for the product’s abandonment by Snap (Image credit)

While Snap is taking responsibility for the drone recall, the company places the onus on consumers to safely dispose of the batteries. Snap explicitly advises against dropping the batteries at local hardware stores or big-box retailers like Target. Instead, consumers are directed to use a dedicated website for guidance on proper battery disposal methods.

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Sales figures unveiled

Interestingly, this recall incident also unveiled sales figures for the Pixy drone, indicating that Snap sold around 71,000 units. It’s worth noting that this number includes separately sold batteries, meaning the actual quantity of Pixy drones sold is fewer.

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Snap’s foray into the drone market was part of its broader exploration of hardware following its earlier venture with the Snap Spectacles. The Pixy drone recall, however, casts a shadow over Snap’s hardware endeavors, raising questions about the company’s ability to navigate the challenges of producing and maintaining safe and reliable consumer products.

In conclusion, Snap Pixy drone recall is a cautionary tale in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation. It underscores the importance of stringent quality control measures and consumer safety in the development and release of consumer products, even as companies venture into new and exciting technological territories.

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